Friday, March 26, 2010

Be sure you listen next Wednesday, March 31st, from 5pm-6pm to hear Dr. Hugh Ross (Old Earth) from Reasons to Believe and Jason Lisle (Young Earth) from Answers in Genesis debate the age of the earth LIVE here on the Frank Pastore Show!  Don't miss it!  "Thousands or millions?"

400-408Bob Tyler, lead attorney with Advocates for Faith and Freedom (, (888) 588-6888), updates us on the case against Prop 8 now in federal court in San Francisco, and his role in the appeal to the Ninth Circuit.  He will be representing Imperial County in the appeal to the Ninth Circuit as the only governmental agency to defend Prop 8.  [Other attorneys with Advocates are:  Jennifer Monk, Benjamin Rosenbaum, and Jonathan Little.]

413-423Bob Tyler

428-437 Jeff Myers, chairman of the board of Summit Ministries ( and President of Passing the Baton International (, and who, for the past 20 years, has been on the front lines of youth leadership development as a college professor, communicator, author and curriculum developer.  He's authored seven books including Handoff, and five video-coaching systems including Understanding the Times, the curriculum that introduced biblical worldview training to Christian schools around the world.  More than two million people have used Jeff's training courses in worldview, leadership and communication.  Summit hosts 2-week conferences throughout the summer around the country, and the cost is just $895 for the entire two weeks – a great insurance policy on the thousands of dollars you'll be paying in tuition, and a wonderful way to inoculate your kids against the pervasive toxic ideas on the university campus.

• Passing The Baton (3/11/2010) How Parents Subsidize the Destruction of Kid's Faith.

443-452Jeff Myers

458-508Gary Emrick, a 5-time Emmy winner as a camera man, and now producer of Enigmata, one of the 70 films in this year's 168 Film Festival (  It's tonight at the Hope Theater in San Fernando and tomorrow at the Alex Theatre in Glendale.

• The Signal (3/19/10) Not coming up short: Gary Emrick, on verge of retiring, makes 11-minute 'Enigmata,' which will be shown at Christian film festival.

512-523Gary Emrick

528-538(1:23) Hero Nanny. (Ann Curry on TODAY NBC @ 3/26/2010 on the story with Nanny Alyson Myatt and J.B. Hawes and his son, Aden)

MSNBC (3/26/2010) Hero nanny badly burned saving boy.

544-554Calls:  What's your hero story?


612-623Raul Ries, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Golden Springs in Diamond Bar (, heard weekdays at 1pm with his Somebody Loves You broadcast, talks about his hero, Chuck Smith, and his son Ryan's life-change, and his ministry with The Whosoevers.

628-638Daily News (3/26/2010) Pope Benedict knew German priest would be returned to pulpit after therapy: report.  

Fox (3/26/2010) Vatican Dismisses Allegations Linking Pope to Pedophile Priest.

• Washington Post (3/26/2010) Clergy abuse threatens to tarnish pope's legacy.

644-652Calls [A caller named Marsha shares her powerful story!]

• Charles Krauthammer (3/26/2010) The VAT Cometh: This massive new entitlement needs a cash cow.

• Rich Lowry (3/26/2010) The Coming Europeanization of American Foreign Policy:  We have met the enemy, and it is Jewish housing.

• Jonah Goldberg (3/26/2010) The Definition of 'Freakout': The same people who went into conniptions over the bipartisan, relatively innocuous Patriot Act are calling us crackpots?

• Tony Blankley (3/26/2010) Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, Redux.  In America, socialism used to be confined within certain boundaries; that was before last Sunday's vote.

• Victor Davis Hanson (3/26/2010) Chicago Does Socialism: Connect the dots of Obama's first year in office, and an ugly picture emerges.

• Peggy Noonan (3/26/2010) The Heat Is On. We May Get Burned: Political rage is a national problem, not a partisan one.

• Washington Times (3/26/2010) CBO report: Debt will rise to 90% of GDP.

(1:33) ES Socialist Talk Radio. (Ed Schultz Radio show @ 3/25/2010)