Monday, March 1, 2010

400-408 Brigitte Gabriel, founder of, now with 361 chapters across the country, 37 here in California, and a total of 80,000 members, with a full-time lobbyist on capitol hill, is committed to warning America about the threat from radical Islam.  She's the author of the best-seller They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It.  Today, she shares her life story from her first book, Because They Hate!  BTW, she'll be speaking here in LA on April 29 at Temple Sinai.

Brigitte grew up in a Christian family as an only-child of well-to-do elderly parents, (mom was 55 and dad was 62!) in a small town in Lebanon near the Israeli border.  In 1975, when she was just 10, her town was overrun by militant Palestinian Muslims during the Lebanese Civil War, her home was bombed, and she and her family were forced to escape, losing their home, their restaurant, and their life savings.  She was severely injured in the attack and spent 2 1/2 months in a hospital recovering.  She and her parents were forced to live in an 8'x10' bomb shelter underground for seven years with only a small kerosene heater, no sanitary systems, no electricity, and no running water and little food.  To get water she would have to crawl in a ditch alongside a road to a spring in order to evade Muslim snipers. She grew up to become a news anchor for World News, the Arabic evening news broadcast for Middle East Television, a Christian television station seen throughout Israel, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. She covered the Israeli withdrawal from central Lebanon, the Israeli Security Zone and the Palestinian uprising in the West Bank and Gaza.  She immigrated to the United States in 1989, and now heads Act for America, an organization warning the world about the threat of radical Islam – a threat she saw realized in her own life, family, and country.

413-423Brigitte Gabriel

428-437"Fuz" Rana, is the VP of Research at Reasons to Believe (, with a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Ohio University, with an emphasis in Bio Chemistry.  Today Fuz responds to some of the criticism leveled against RTB.  There are generally three groups within Christianity when it comes to science:  the young-earth creationists (Ken Ham, Randy Guliuzza, Charles Jackson, Calvary Chapels, etc.), the old-earth creationists (Hugh Ross, Reasons to Believe, Sierra Madre Congregational Church, many Presbyterian churches, etc.), and theistic evolutionists (e.g., Dinesh D'Souza).  We talk about some of the distinctions regarding age of the earth, global or local flood, and evolution.

• I also want to invite you to attend Hugh Ross's "Paradoxes" apologetics class every Sunday at 11:15am at Sierra Madre Congregational Church.  And, don't forget to sign up for his Today's New Reason to Believe email blast – today's is TEMPERATURE OF THE COSMIC MICROWAVE BACKGROUND RADIATION.

• Reasons (2/25/10) Metabolism-First Models Can't Evolve.

443-452"Fuz" Rana

458-508Jack Hibbs, senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills (, is hosting the California Election Forum this Sunday, March 7 – and I'll be the emcee.  It's free and will start at 3pm – come on out!  For more information, go to  

CALIFORNIA ELECTION FORUM  Sunday, March 7th @ 3PM – Join us as on Sunday, March 7th as we host a California Election Forum which brings together candidates who are running for elected office in the June 2010 Primary Elections. They will be here to answer your questions about their candidacy. If you have a question you would like to ask, go to for more information.

512-523Jack Hibbs

528-538Grant Horner, one of the most-popular professors up at the Master's College (, talks to us today about his forthcoming book Meaning at the Movies: Becoming a Discerning Viewer, coming out June 30.  We touch on horror films like The Exorcist, Psycho, Frankenstein, and Dracula, as well as comedies like Bill Murray's Groundhog Day and What About Bob, and "holy" movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark.  

544-554 Grant Horner

558-608Meredith Turney, California Communications Director for Americans for Prosperity of California (, was also the recipient of an alumni award this past Friday at Biola University, along with me.  What a delightful, accomplished, and effective conservative Christian!  We need more of her!  Today she tells her story, and the story of AFP.

• BTW, I was awarded the "Impact in Media Award."  The most precious thing all day was getting to hear the great stories from the Golden Eagles – those who graduated 50 years ago. Yeah 50 years ago. It was like a Christian "League of Their Own" locker scene – but better.

From the Townhall website (here)...

Meredith Turney's Biography

Meredith Turney is the Communications Director for Media and Public Affairs Strategy and the California Communications Director for Americans for Prosperity.

Active in the California Republican Party since fifteen, Meredith worked on numerous local campaigns in Orange County, California. After attending the Republican National Convention as a youth delegate at sixteen, Meredith commenced an internship with Congressman Christopher Cox and then worked for California Assembly Republican Leader Scott Baugh.

Meredith has served as a contributing editor of the St. Anne's audio journal on social and theological issues, interviewing key political, theological and academic leaders. In addition to regular interviews on national talk radio shows, her articles and policy work appear in numerous print publications.

Meredith was appointed by Congressman Tom McClintock to the California Republican Party and is a Vice President of the California Republican Assembly.

Meredith has extensive public policy experience, having worked as the Legislative Liaison for California 's premier pro-family public policy organization, Capitol Resource Family Impact.

The first female graduate of the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University, Meredith received her juris doctorate, with cum laude honors, from Oak Brook College of Law.

612-623 Meredith Turney.

628-638 "Fuz" Rana,

644-652"Fuz" Rana,

(1:11) Chile earthquake.  (Erica Hill and Mark Strassmann on the CBS Early Show report on Saturday's Chilean earthquake.

(:14) Canada wins gold.  (Mike Emrick calls the Canada vs. USA Gold medal hockey game in 2010 Olympics @ 2/29/2010).

• Al Gore, NYT (2/28/2010) We Can't Wish Away Climate Change.

• USA Today (3/1/2010) New analysis reasserts video games' link to violence. Calls from parents: do you limit your kid's access to video games?  Have you seen a link in your kid's behavior?

• AP (2/25/2010) Cuss-free week?  Calif. Lawmakers voting on it.  Calls: What is the difference between cussing, cursing and blaspheming?  Parents, how do you curtail cussing in your house?  Visit McKay Hatch's no cussing club.