Monday, February 1, 2010

400-408 Byron York, chief political correspondent for The Washington Examiner (, author of The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy.  We talk about his latest column, Mirandagate, the SOTU, and moving the KSM trial out of New York.

• Byron York (1/29/2010) Has Obama become bored with being president?

413-423Byron York

• Fox News (2/1/2010) 2 Dems Support Bill to Axe Funding of Civilian Terrorist Trials.

• Reuters (2/1/2010) UPDATE 1-US missile test mimicking Iran strike fails.

428-437Juli Slattery, clinical psychologist at Focus on the Family (, and Adjunct Professor for Family Studies at the Focus on the Family Institute (, will be heard even more regularly on their Big Show.  And, she's the author of Beyond the Masquerade: Unveiling the Authentic You, and her latest is No More Headaches:  Enjoying Sex and Intimacy in Marriage. Today we talk about Tim Tebow and the Focus on the Family Super Bowl ad.

(7:35) Fox: Super Bowl Ad full (America Live with Megyn Kelly on Fox @ 2/1/2010).  Attorney Gloria Allred and FOTF President Jim Daly talk with Kelly about the upcoming Tim Tebow super bowl ad.

(:23) Fox: Allred short 1.

(:25) Fox: Allred short 2.

(:38) Fox: Allred short 3.

(:21) Fox: Daly short 1.

(:28) Fox: Daly short 2.

(:33) Fox: Daly short 3.

443-452Juli Slattery.  We talk about the pain of "stuffing your stuff," and what to do to break free from the bondage of the enemy.

458-508Jeff Myers, chairman of the board of Summit Ministries and President of Passing the Baton International (, and who, for the past 20 years, has been on the front lines of youth leadership development as a college professor, communicator, author and curriculum developer.  He's authored seven books including Handoff, and five video-coaching systems including Understanding the Times, the curriculum that introduced biblical worldview training to Christian schools around the world.  More than two million people have used Jeff's training courses in worldview, leadership and communication.  Today we talk about the changing political orientation of former Obama supporters, and how to create a great environment for our own kids to ask those tough questions about Christianity.

512-523Jeff Myers

528-538John Wurts, owner of John Wurts Financial, is known as "The Deduction Finder," and he specializes in tax preparation.  Call him at (818) 223-8288. 

544-554Jed Babbin, former Air Force JAG officer and Deputy Undersecretary of Defense, is now the Editor of Human Events (  We talk Mirandagate, KSM moving out of New York, national security, and Iran.

• Jed Babbin (2/1/10) Obama's Bipartisanship Scam.

• Jed Babbin (1/28/10) Obama's 2010 State of the Union.

558-608Jed Babbin

612-623 – • NBC News (2/1/2010) Jailed U.S. Baptists await fate in Haiti.

(:55) PO Church. (This Week with George Stephanopoulos, ABC @ 1/11/2010).

628-638 Juli Slattery (Reprise)

644-652Juli Slattery (Reprise)

• CNN (1/31/2010) Iran opposition leaders call for protests.

• Life News (1/29/2010) Feminist Gloria Allred Claims Story of Tim Tebow's Mom's Non-Abortion Untrue.  Calls: If it was illegal to get an abortion, does it change the power of the ad for you?  Do you think the super bowl is an okay place for advocacy type ads?

• Newsweek (2/1/2010) Labor Shortage Some children are treated like slaves in Haiti.

• Washington Post (2/1/2010) New media gives conservatives a boost.

• Telegraph (2/1/2010) Haiti earthquake: voodoo high priest claims aid monopolized by Christians.