Monday, November 16, 2009

330-338James and Serin Shin, from Tustin, they have 3 biological girls and a son named Ethan who they've had through foster care since he was 8 days old and they adopted him a couple years ago through Olive Crest Foster and Adoption Agency (, 818-563-2300). It was a long process of never knowing if he was going to stay with them or go. 
50,000 kids, got licensed, and waited.  In 2005, 12/28, matched with a newborn Ethan.  Addicted to meth.  Just to stay a week, he stayed and they adopted him 2 and a half years.
Already had two bio kids, and married for 7 years.

343-354James and Serin Shin

358-408Dallas Willard, Professor of Philosophy at USC, and the person who has had the biggest impact on my spiritual life through his books and tapes, especially his The Divine Conspiracy, his latest book is Knowing Christ Today: Why We Can Trust Spiritual Knowledge (

413-423Dallas Willard

428-437Dallas Willard
443-452Phil Cooke is a Hollywood producer with a Ph.D. in Theology who speaks at workshops, seminars, and conferences all over the world, and he advises the top non-profit and faith-based media organizations on how to better utilize the latest media technologies more effectively.  The studios of Cooke Pictures ( are located in Burbank, and Phil blogs regularly at  His latest book is The Last TV Evangelist:  Why The Next Generation Couldn't Care Less About Religious Media…And Why It Matters.  Previous releases:  Branding Faith: Why Some Churches and Non-Profits Impact the Culture and Others Don't, and Creative Christian Media.

458-508 Phil Cooke

512-523 – • Betsy Taylor (11/16/09) Woman Who Cut In Line At Walmart Could Face Prison Time In Racially Charged Incident.  Heather Ellis claims it was racially motivated.
528-538 Calls
544-554Dallas Willard (Reprise)

558-608Dallas Willard (Reprise)

612-623 Dallas Willard (Reprise)
628-638Phil Cooke (Reprise)
644-700Phil Cooke (Reprise)
• Alex Alexiev (11/16/09) The Making of an American Terrorist: In light of Fort Hood, a quick look at the evolution of Islamic extremism in America.  Alex Alexiev is a visiting fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C.
•• Andrew C. McCarthy (11/16/09) Trial and Terror: The Left gets its reckoning.
• Melanie Kirkpatrick (11/16/09) Her Side of the Story: McCain aides kept her out of the loop, focusing instead on 'packaging.'  Ms. Kirkpatrick is a former deputy editor of the Journal's editorial page.
• Mark Steyn (11/14/09) Rogue's Eleven.
• AP (11/16/09) Court won't hear complaint about Redskins name Calls: Are you offended by this name?  Should it be an issue settled in the Supreme Court?  Is the name 'Redskins' less offensive than the 'Indians' or the 'Padres'?
• Reuters (11/15/09) Used shoes take giant steps in poor countries Calls: What practical steps are you taking in your current life to reach out to your neighbor?  What's your creative idea on how we all can make a small difference in our communities and around the world?
• AP (11/14/09) Overdue library books returned 51 years later Calls from parents: How are you teaching your kids to have character like the person who returned the books?

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