Friday, November 13, 2009

I want to remind you that this coming Sunday night, Nov. 15 at 6pm, Steven Curtis Chapman will be out at Harvest for "An Evening of Hope," debuting his new CD "Beauty Will Rise."  Pastor Greg Laurie and Steven are members of a club no one wants to be in – they've both buried children.  And they'll be sharing about it that evening.
330-338Mike Flynn, is Editor-in-Chief of, with twenty years of experience in policy development, legislative affairs, media relations, political campaigns and crisis communication.  He's testified often before the U.S. Congress and before at least two-dozen state legislatures.

343-354 Mike Flynn.

• Big Government (11/13/09) ACORN Sues To Put Its Hand Back In Your Pocket.
358-408 "Fuz" Rana, is the VP of Research at Reasons to Believe (, with a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Ohio University, with an emphasis in Bio Chemistry.  I also want to invite you to attend Hugh Ross's "Paradoxes" apologetics class every Sunday at 11:15am at Sierra Madre Congregational Church.  And, don't forget to sign up for his Today's New Reason to Believe email blast.

413-423"Fuz" Rana

428-437Ron Prentice, Executive Director of the California Family Council (, and a marriage and family counselor.

443-452  (Green Tractor Song) • AP (11/13/09) Cops: Drunk man took lawnmower on beer run.

(4:23) (Link) Harvey Levin of TMZ interviews Prejean's anonymous boyfriend (11/12/09).  A man claiming to be Prejean's ex-hookup partner talks to TMZ about the tapes and Carrie's age.  He claims they hooked up for 4-days in San Diego in February of 2007, and that she sent him 15-20 explicit videos from her cell phone. 

(:27) Ex short 1. Q:  "You have no doubt she was over 18 when this video was sent to you?"  A:  "Absolutely no doubt whatsoever, 100%.  She's lying, and this is the part about it that really bothers me, she's not the girl she's portraying herself to be.  Not even…I actually never met someone who um lied so much, to tell you the truth."
(:28) Ex short 2.  Q:  "Any reaction to Carrie's stand on religion?"  A:  "Her stand on religion?  Um, she's using it get where she's at right now.  Really, I mean, if she just was herself, and she tried to take the route of 'Hey I just like to party, and I like to have a great time, and I'm hot' hey, that sells too.  She's just trying to sell to a different crowd right now.  And I'm not buying it, and a lot of people that know they aren't buying it either."
(:38) Ex short 3.  "Yeah, I got a call from Carrie, basically screaming at me, asking me why did I do this.  And then she basically, at that point said, 'Will you tell them I was 17?'  Q: "How did you respond when she said 'Will you say I was 17?'"  A:  "I said 'Hell no I won't!'  And then they tried, they tired numerous times, will you do it?  I said "Bleep Bleep" that I will ever ever say you were 17 years old.  I want nothing to do with this."
458-508 Calls


544-554 – • ABC News (11/12/09) School Safety: 'Zero Tolerance' Policies Common Sense? Calls: Is this punishment too strong?  If so, what is your preferred alternative punishment?  Are we too soft or too hard on kids these days?
(1:59) Food Fight Chicago. (ABC Local News Chicago @ 11/12/09) Barbara Pinto reporting.  Erica Russell is the mom.
(:09) FF short 1.
(:07) FF short 2.
558-608Mike Flynn (Reprise)
612-623Mike Flynn (Reprise)
628-638 "Fuz" Rana (Reprise)
644-700"Fuz" Rana (Reprise)

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