Monday, October 26, 2009

As we approach Halloween this Saturday, if you're looking for a safe alternative to take your kids to, we've got a bunch of "Harvest Festivals" listed on our community calendar at
330-338Jack Hibbs, senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills (

343-354Jack Hibbs.  Jack describes a new project they're kicking off with Campus Crusade for Christ called Global Media Outreach. 

358-408Erwin McManus, pastor of Mosaic Church (, with locations in Beverly Hills, Pasadena, West L.A., Whittier, Berkeley, Chino, and downtown LA and the Mayan nightclub.  His latest book is Wide Awake.  Erwin lays out the "membership" requirements for Mosaic:  you must be accountable in your relationships, actively involved in service, leading an evangelistic life, and giving at least 10% to ministry.  As Dallas Willard says, the emphasis should not be to make a convert in hopes that a disciple happens, but make disciples in hopes that a convert happens.

413-423Erwin McManus

428-437 Paul Sheppard, pastor of the 6,000-member Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in Mountain View, California (, and host of Enduring Truth (, heard weekdays on KKLA at 12:30pm, will be our special guest speaker at our big Listener Event coming up on Thursday evening, November 12th at 7:00pm, at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena.  This event is a big "thank you" to you our listeners!  Both registration and parking are free, we're just asking that you pre-register at and let us know you're coming!  We had a standing-room-only crowd for Paul back on May 21, 2009 at our Pastor's Appreciation Luncheon.  Don't miss him this time!
443-452 Dave Spiker, co-host of A New Beginning with Greg Laurie heard weekdays here on KKLA at 10:30am, will be one of the great teachers at our free Church Media Seminar next Tuesday (November 3rd) at 10:30am at the Universal Hilton.  Dave will teach you how to produce and podcast a radio program like Greg's or even Chuck Swindoll's, for which he does the voice intro for.  You'll also hear from Paul Eaton who directs the online outreach, radio and TV ministries for Greg Laurie's Harvest Ministries, and Ron Walters, our Salem Communications National Programming Vice-President, who will tell you how local churches across the country are already using media to reach beyond their walls.  The seminar is free and it includes lunch, but we want you to pre-register.  For more info, go to  and click "Church Media Seminar" on the left hand side of our homepage, or contact Jorge Abrego directly, our KKLA Director of Church Relations, at (818) 662-3763 or
458-508Bill and Pam Farrel, are international speakers, relationship specialists and authors of nearly 30 books including their best-selling Men are like Waffles, Women are like Spaghetti.  They're practical, personal and pretty humorous too – and, they are the real deal.  Happily married for 30 years, with three kids, one of them a strong-willed A.D.D. athlete who's grown into a great leader, as have his two siblings.  And like the rest of us, they have to juggle family, friendships and fun with making a living.  They've got books, cd's, and videos, along with a bunch of free relationship resources at their website (800-810-4449).  We talk with them today about their new book The Marriage Code.  Listen to Pam and Bill's interview on The Marriage Code at Focus on the Family Radio that was broadcast October 21 and 22, 2009.  On our wedding day, we all know that we get new usernames:  "Husband" and "Wife."  But, how many of us know the passwords to our mates' hearts?  The password to husbands' hearts is "success."  The password to wives' hearts is "security."
• The Farrel's will be at Calvary Church Santa Ana on Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at 7pm.
512-523Bill and Pam Farrel
528-538 Bill and Pam Farrel
544-554Bill and Pam Farrel
558-608Bill and Pam Farrel
612-623 Bill and Pam Farrel
628-638Jack Hibbs (Reprise)
644-700Jack Hibbs (Reprise)
• Editor & Publisher (10/26/09) Top 25 Daily Newspapers in New FAS-FAX.  Here's the top ten:
1) THE WALL STREET JOURNAL -- 2,024,269 -- 0.61%.  2) USA TODAY -- 1,900,116 -- (-17.15%).  3) THE NEW YORK TIMES -- 927,851 -- (-7.28%).  4) LOS ANGELES TIMES -- 657,467 -- (-11.05%).  5) THE WASHINGTON POST -- 582,844 -- (-6.40%).  6) DAILY NEWS (NEW YORK) -- 544,167 -- (-13.98%).  7) NEW YORK POST -- 508,042 -- (-18.77%).  8) CHICAGO TRIBUNE -- 465,892 -- (-9.72%).  9) HOUSTON CHRONICLE -- 384,419 -- (-14.24%).  10) THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER -- 361,480 -- N/A.
(:51) Harry Reid: States Can Opt Out (10/26/09)
(:25) Mitch McConnell: Congress (This Week With George Stephanopoulos ABC @10/25/09)

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