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The Christian Lawyers of America ( is hosting a Complete Financial Restoration Workshop tonight and tomorrow at the Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills, just off the 101 at Topanga.  Seminars are tonight at 8pm, and tomorrow at 11am and 3pm.  Both registration and parking are free, just let them know you're coming by calling (888) 811-9955.
330-338Robert Epstein, teaches at UC San Diego, former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today, and author 14 books including The Case Against Adolescence: Rediscovering the Adult in Every Teen (  This spring he'll be coming out with a book entitled Teen 2.0 (
Three components played a primary role in creating the prolonged adolescence phenomena:  1) compulsory education not based upon competency, 2) child labor laws that prevented competent workers from remaining on the job, and 3) the development of the juvenile justice system that intended to "mother" the kids in institutions, and ended up training criminals.
In praise of The Case Against Adolescence, Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, writes: "Adolescence was invented in the 19th century to enable middle-class families to keep their children out of sweatshops. But it has degenerated into a process of enforced boredom and age segregation that has produced one of the most destructive social arrangements in human history, consigning 13-year-old males to learning from 15-year-old males. It's a social experiment that failed. Dr. Epstein's book traces the history of the problem, demonstrates with unrelenting perseverance that much of the turmoil of our teens is a creation of our culture, and offers a specific and detailed proposal for getting our young people back on track.  If you are concerned about America's young -- and about America's future -- this is a must-read."
Working with colleague Diane Dumas, Dr. Robert Epstein, a longtime researcher and professor and the former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today, has developed a unique and comprehensive test—the Epstein-Dumas Test of Adultness (EDTA)—that measures 14 different competencies that appear to define adult functioning in modern society.  The test contains 140 yes/no questions and should take you between 10 and 15 minutes to complete. The test has been empirically validated with a sample of roughly 30,000 people between ages 10 and 83.  To take the test, go to
• Is it true that the physiology of the teenage brain makes them incapable of responsibility and commitment?  "Absolutely not," says Dr. Epstein, "nor can you blame it on hormones."  Here are ten facts about our teens that will surprise or even shock you from,
1.  Although everyone knows that teens have too much "freedom," teens in America are actually subjected to ten times as many restrictions as mainstream adults and to twice as many restrictions as incarcerated felons and active-duty U.S. Marines.
2.  Although headlines tell us that teen turmoil is caused by an immature "teen brain," the teen brain is a myth perpetuated by drug companies to make us put our teens on prescription drugs.  And it's working:  We're now giving more psychoactive drugs to our teens than all other prescription medications combined, including acne medication and antibiotics.
3.  Although everyone knows that teens are naturally depressed and moody, teen turmoil is completely absent in more than a hundred cultures around the world.  Most cultures don't even have a word for adolescence.  If the turmoil we see in our teens is really natural and inevitable, wouldn't we see such turmoil everywhere?
4.  Although everyone knows that teens have it too easy, the rate at which teens are being restricted is increasing every year in the U.S. Teens are now being punished or even arrested for having food fights in school, hugging, wearing sagging pants, carrying ibuprofen, wearing fragrances, bringing calculators to school, talking during school lunches, and cheering at sporting events.
5.  Although everyone knows that parenting a teen can be tough, the rate at which parents are being punished for their teens' offenses is increasing dramatically.  Parents can now be fined $150,000 if their teens download copyrighted music and imprisoned for allowing their teens to drink alcohol.
6.  Although everyone knows that teens can't form lasting relationships, male teens actually have a lower divorce rate than males in their 20s.  Some of the most successful relationships in U.S. history—Eliza and Andrew Johnson, Barbara and George Bush, Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter—were teen romances.
7.  Although everyone knows that teens are unreliable workers, teens have the lowest rate of absenteeism from work of any age group.  In fact, the older the worker, the higher the rate of absenteeism.
8.  Although everyone knows that teens are reckless drivers, teens cause fatal, alcohol-related car accidents at half the rate of their elders, ages 21 to 25.
9.  Although everyone knows that teens are forgetful and irrational, most forms of memory and intelligence actually peak between ages 13 and 15.  After our 20s or 30s, our cognitive abilities decline for the rest of our lives.  Brain size follows the same pattern, peaking at age 14.  By the time we're 70, the brain has shrunk to the size it was when we were between 2 and 3 years old. (So just who are the overgrown children? :)
10.  Although everyone knows that teens are inherently incompetent, new research suggests that seven million teens under age 18 are more competent than half the adult population across a wide range of abilities.

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358-408Mark Baker is a Clinical Psychologist and Executive Director of the La Vie Christian Counseling Center (, with offices in Pasadena and Santa Monica, his latest book is Jesus, The Greatest Therapist Who Ever Lived, which has sold almost one million copies around the world.  You can listen to lectures by Dr. Baker on emotional and spiritual growth at, or you can contact him at the La Vie Counseling Center at (626) 351-9616.

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458-508Glenn Sunshine, Professor of History at Central Connecticut State University (, comes with high praise and a personal recommendation to me from Chuck Colson.  Glenn teaches in Chuck's Centurion program.  Glenn's book, Why You Think the Way You Do: The Story of Western Worldviews from Rome to Home, traces the development of Western civilization from the Roman Empire to postmodernism – and he argues that as we lose the Judeo-Christian foundation of the West, we're embracing the pagan worldview, and therefore the practices, of the ancient Roman empire.
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544-554Avi Davis is the President of the American Freedom Alliance (, an organization that promotes the defense and advancement of Western values and ideals.  He's hosting a series of six events, starting this Sunday night, called the "Darwin Debates," that will kick off with the premiere of Darwin's Dilemma this Sunday night, October 25th at 7pm, at the Davidson Executive Conference Center at USC.  Darwin's Dilemma explains the problem of the Cambrian explosion, and why it's powerful evidence for intelligent design.  Essentially, five phyla exploded into 70 different phyla in "only" 5 million years – far too little time for evolution to occur – and with only 30 extant phyla today, that means that 40 different phyla went extinct, but the problem is, there's no fossil record of this!  Exactly contrary to what evolution would predict. For tickets and to learn more, visit or call (310) 444-3085 – tickets will also be available at the door.

558-608Matt McCormick of Christian Lawyers of America ( is hosting a Complete Financial Restoration Workshop tonight and tomorrow at the Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills, just off the 101 at Topanga.  Seminars are tonight at 8pm, and tomorrow at 11am and 3pm.  Both registration and parking are free, just let them know you're coming by calling (888) 811-9955.  Under his Presidential Customer Care Program, Matt gives to all existing CLA clients his personal email address and a toll-free number to contact him with any questions or concerns you might have about your case:, and (888) 371-1188.

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