Monday, July 13, 2009

400-408Kenneth Samples, Senior Research Scholar at Reasons To Believe (, and author of Without a Doubt and A World of Difference, shares his testimony.  He teaches Sunday mornings from 9-10am at Christ Reformed Church in Anaheim, on Sunkist between Lincoln and Ball.
Ken switched from pursuing a career in professional baseball to voraciously studying Christian philosophy and theology when his thirst for purpose found relief in the Bible. He earned his undergraduate degree in philosophy and social science from Concordia University and his M.A. in theological studies from Talbot School of Theology. For seven years, Kenneth worked as Senior Research Consultant and Correspondence Editor at the Christian Research Institute (CRI) and regularly co hosted the popular call-in radio program, The Bible Answer Man, with Dr. Walter Martin.  As a youth, Kenneth wrestled with "unsettling feelings of meaninglessness and boredom," driving him to seek answers to life's big questions.  An encounter with Christian philosophy in Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis led Kenneth to examine the New Testament and "finally believe that Jesus Christ is the divine Son of God, the Lord and Savior of the world."  From then on, he pursued an intellectually satisfying faith.
413-423Kenneth Samples
428-437Jeff Pries is one of the two creatives behind the awesome Liquid DVD series ( – simply the best Christian media I've ever seen!  Jeff is the Small Groups Pastor and on the Speaking Team at Mariners Church (, a father of 4, and the former 1st pick of the New York Yankees out of UCLA in 1984.  His partner, Director John Ward, is the president of Bay Ridge Films, and John wrote, produced, and directed the Liquid series.  Check out the trailers at  Their new feature film will be called "I AM".
443-452USAF Ret. Lt. General Tom McInerney, was the #3 man in the United States Air Force as the Assistant Vice Chief of Staff, and he was the Director of the Defense Performance Review, you see him regularly on Fox News as a senior military analyst, and he's the author of Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror.  He lays out why Obama ending the F-22 Raptor program is a really bad move, especially when it is so effective against the Soviet S-300 air-defense system soon to be operational in Iran.
458-508 – • Fox News (7/12/09) Children Recant Sex-Abuse Tales After Father's 20-Year Prison Stint.  Have you had to live for a long time while being falsely accused?  Any of you living with that now?  Perhaps you were the one that had falsely accused someone for a long time, only to find out later you were wrong?
558-608 – • AJC (7/11/09) Flight attendant union sees red over size limit on Delta uniform.  Ladies, can you be a Size 18 and fit?  Would you wear a red dress as a Size 18?  Do you think this is legitimate discrimination?  Do you expect flight attendants to be physically fit to fulfill their job description?  Maybe if you can't fit comfortably in the middle seat, you ought not be a flight attendant?
628-638 – • Fox News (7/13/09) Swearing Makes You Feel Less Pain.  Does cussing increase your tolerance of pain?  How do you deal with cussing in your family?  What do you teach your kids?  What do you model for your kids?  What's acceptable and what's not?  What's your opinion of someone who cusses a little, a lot, or not at all?  Would you think less of your pastor or Christian leader if you heard him say the "S" word?  What are the differences between cussing, cursing, swearing, and slang?  Where would you place:  dang, darn, shoot, Judas Priest, bull, etc.?
• Fox News (7/11/09) Texting Teen Falls Down Open NYC Manhole.  Workers say they left the manhole unattended for just seconds while they fetched some cones from their truck.  Is this a legitimate law suit, or just an attempt to cash in and take advantage of the system?
• Mark Steyn (7/11/09) Gaia's Right: Environmentalism seeks to return us to the age of kings.  According to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, we only have 96 months left to save the planet.
• Las Vegas Review-Journal (7/13/09) EDITORIAL: Eat the rich.
• Washington Times (7/13/09) Episcopal bishop warns of further schism.

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