Friday, June 26, 2009

Matt McCormick and The Christian Lawyers of America (, 888-811-9955) are hosting another Mortgage Modification & Debt Settlement Workshop tonight and all day tomorrow at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel.  Matt says "it will be our most complete financial restoration project we've ever had!"  The seminar starts at 7:30pm, registration and parking are free, and we just ask that you let us know you're coming by pre-registering at
400-408Cal Beisner, the National Spokesperson for the, on the House getting ready to vote on cap-and-trade today.  Sign the petition at
413-423Matt McCormick is CEO of the Christian Lawyers of America (, 888-811-9955).
428-437Dr. Hugh Ross, founder and president of Reasons to Believe (, and he's both an astrophysicist and a pastor – his "Paradoxes" apologetics class is free and open to the public and held every Sunday at 11:15am at Sierra Madre Congregational Church.  Don't forget to sign up for his daily email "Today's New Reason to Believe."  Hugh lays out the significance of the 40,000 year old flute found in Germany, made of a vulture leg bone, with carved out holes, able to play multiple notes.  This means man arrived in Europe already using symbolic language.  This affirms the latest information on the origin of man, that we derived from a single male-female couple (mitochondrial Eve and Adam), about 50,000 years ago in the Middle East – what's known as The Garden of Eve hypothesis.  This is the state-of-the-art, current status of anthropology and paleontology.  For more, see Hugh's book Who is Adam?

443-452Dr. Hugh Ross.  Talks about his book More Than A Theory, and lays out just a few of the most amazing discoveries that affirm the Bible – and they mirror Job 38-39!  How about the ostrich egg helping early man hunt in the heat of the day while other predators are resting.

458-508Robert Epstein, ( teaches at the University of California San Diego (, former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today, and author 14 books including The Case Against Adolescence: Rediscovering the Adult in Every Teen (

512-523Robert Epstein.  Is it true that the physiology of the teenage brain makes them incapable of responsibility and commitment?  Absolutely not.  Nor can you blame it on hormones.

528-538Matt McCormick is CEO of the Christian Lawyers of America (, 888-811-9955).
544-554Reba Toney, heard mid-days on KKLA and mornings on 95.9FM The Fish, talks about her brand new book The Rating Game: The Foolproof Formula for Finding Your Perfect Soul Mate.  She was on CBS's The Early Show on Monday, and we've got some clips.
(:15) RT short clip 1: Introducing her on the Early show
558-608Reba Toney
612-623Cyrus Nowrasteh, Director of The Stoning of Soraya M ( 
644-655Matt McCormick is CEO of the Christian Lawyers of America (, 888-811-9955).
(1:34) Jermaine Jackson announces his brother's death from the UCLA Hospital yesterday 6/25/09
(1:54) 9-1-1 call released.  The call made from Michael Jackson's home.  The caller's name is unknown.

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