Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today we're coming to you live from the Worship Facilities Conference & Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center, which starts today and runs through Friday.  Get more info or watch the live streaming at!  And there are special discounts available to kkla listeners, if you use the code "kkla."

400-408Larry Osborne, is pastor of North Coast Church in Vista, CA (, is the author of Sticky Church, and Spirituality for the Rest of Us, and is out with his latest, just released last month, 10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe, was the keynote speaker earlier this afternoon.  So, why come to the Expo?

• Here's Larry's Big Ten Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe (link):  1) Faith Can Fix Anything (aka positive thinking, faith=trust).  2) Forgiving Means Forgetting.  3) A Godly Home Guarantees Godly Kids.  4) God Has A Blueprint For My Life (no, a "gameplan").  5) Christians Shouldn't Judge.  6) Everything Happens For A Reason.  7) Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide.  8) God Brings Good Luck.  9) A Valley Means A Wrong Turn.  10) Dead People Go To A Better Place.

413-423Larry Osborne,

428-437Larry Osborne,

438 [1:30] Robert Micone/Bill O'Connor aka "The Money Guys" at Applied Financial with 5 offices around the southland, 866-SEEK-COUNSEL, and online at

443-452Wendell Clark, has over 40 years of experience in construction and real estate, and is now the Director of Business Development at Diffenbaugh Construction – a prominent builder/remodeler of churches in Southern California.  If your church has any remodeling needs or wants to build a new building, contact Wendell at Diffenbaugh Construction ( 

458-508Lynn Edgington, founder-president of Eagle Research Associates ( warns people about the latest scams, cons and rip offs.  The big one right now is targeting the Hispanic community – it's a cash gifting scam called Elite Activity Gifting.  They're especially targeting illegals whom they know won't report getting ripped off, and their even soliciting outside of Catholic churches.

My Summary:  Maggie and John Anderson of Chicago vowed four months ago that for one year, they would try to patronize only black-owned businesses.  They call their "Empowerment Experiment."  And as of 5/1/09, they've spent $27,105 at black-owned businesses, about 55% of their monthly spending.  On their website,, you can track their progress and also sign up to participate – which over 4,000 people have done.  But there are challenges.  It's 14 miles to the grocery store, and they can find black-owned day care, car maintenance, and home improvement, but they still haven't found a mortgage lender, home security system vendor, or a toy store.  The big goal, in my opinion, is for this to promote entrepreneurship and get more blacks self-employed.  The Anderson's hope to show $1 million was spent in black businesses in 2009 because of the Empowerment Experiment.



558-608Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (, and co-author of Personal Faith: Public Policy with Bishop Harry Jackson, on:  sex-based abortions in Sweden, and the hate crimes legislation now in the senate.

• Amanda Carpenter, Washington Times (5/13/09) Hot Button: Sex-based abortions.  Sweden's National Board of Health and Welfare has ruled women can abort their children based upon the sex of the fetus.  A woman which had two girls, got pregnant with a girl and got an abortion six days later.  She got pregnant again, again a girl, and had another abortion a few days later.

• Jillian Bandes (5/13/09) Reports Highlight Need for Entitlement Reform. Jillian Bandes is National Political Reporter for

612-623Brian Blackmore, founding editor of Church Production Magazine and Worship Facilities Magazine, and is the conference chairman of the Worship Facilities Conference and Expo.  Why did you start this expo?  Who should come to this thing?

628-638Ron Prentice, Executive Director of the California Family Council (

644-652Wendell Clark,

• Roger Simon, Politico (5/13/09) GOP to rebrand Dems as 'socialists'. A member of the Republican National Committee told me Tuesday that when the RNC meets in an extraordinary special session next week, it will approve a resolution rebranding Democrats as the "Democrat Socialist Party."

• Michelle Malkin (5/13/09) Big Labor's Investment in Obama Pays Off.

• Todd J. Zywicki (5/13/09) Chrysler and the Rule of Law: The Founders put the contracts clause in the Constitution for a reason. Mr. Zywicki is a professor of law at George Mason University and the author of a book on consumer bankruptcy and consumer lending, forthcoming from Yale University Press.

• Joe Queenan (5/13/09) An Environmentalist's Thesaurus: 'Global warming' is so passé. Mr. Queenan, a satirist and writer, is the author of numerous books. His memoir, "Closing Time," has just been published by Viking.

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