Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today we're partnering with the Union Rescue Mission to help those less fortunate with an invitation for you to help make this summer, a Summer of Heroes.  Every night, 20,000 families with young children are left to sleep on the streets of Los Angeles County.  URM now serves an average of 3,134 meals a day – an increase of 25% from just a few months ago, that's an additional 628 meals every day. 

As summer approaches, the poor and homeless will suffer the most – men who have lost hope will linger on the sun-baked sidewalks and single moms with young children out of school will hope to make it safely through one more night.

We're asking you to give $25 a month for the next three months.

Your gift helps to provide emergency shelter, cool water, a shower, and clothing, plus dinner and breakfast the next morning to a man, woman, or child who would otherwise spend the night on the street.

Call (888) 900-5673 to become a hero in this Summer of Heroes!  Or donate on line at

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