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400-408Ed Morrissey, is today a conservative writer at, a conservative news site with great links and great video too, it's one of my daily show prep sites.  Ed ran Captain's Quarters from 2003 to 2007, before making the full-time employment leap into New Media as the political director for Blog Talk Radio.  Ed's now lived in Minnesota for more than ten years after leaving beautiful California. He and his wife have a son and daughter-in-law finishing their college education and a beautiful five-year-old granddaughter.  His weekly radio show airs on Minnesota's AM 1280 The Patriot every Saturday afternoon.  He was at CPAC last week.
(:21) Ed Morrissey not only stealing my guest hosts, but almost also my tagline.
413-423Wesley J. Smith, ( bioethicist and senior fellow at the Discovery Institute (, and author of The Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World, on the ongoing coup de culture against human exceptionalism and the Judeo-Christian worldview that promotes it.
428-437Wesley J. Smith
443-452Rick McArdle (, does street evangelism at Huntington and Steel Beach Piers, and on the campus of Cal State Long Beach, and he gives us an inside look into his ministry.
458-508Joni Eareckson Tada, founder of Joni and Friends (, author of A Lifetime of Wisdom: Embracing The Way God Heals You, and founder of the International Disability Center in Agoura Hills, will be speaking at the 17th Annual Common Day of Learning at Azusa Pacific this Wednesday, March 4th. (
      Joni is a quadriplegic, unable to use her hands and confined to a wheelchair since her diving accident in July 1967.  However, she's the least "disabled" disabled person I know.  She's written 35 books, over a million people a week hear her "Joni & Friends" daily 5-minute broadcast, her paintings (done with a paint brush between her teeth) are sought by collectors all over the world, and she's an accomplished vocalist!  How's that for being "disabled?"  She and her husband Ken have been happily married since 1982.
512-523Joni Eareckson Tada
528-538Herb London, the president of the Hudson Institute ( in New York and author of the new book America's Secular Challenge: The Rise of a New National Religion, shares his thoughts on the future of America and the West.
•• 544-554Herb London (great segment!)
(1:33) Rush Limbaugh at CPAC (2/28/09) (here) saying he want Obama to fail.
(1:30) Robert Gibbs, White House Press Secretary, responds to Rush and frames it as "wishing and hoping for economic failure in this country."
•• Rush Limbaugh (3/2/09) A Few Words for Michael Steele.
612-623 Ed Morrissey
628-638Wesley J. Smith
644-655Wesley J. Smith
The Key Parts:  If we wish to get health-care costs under control, then we should at least be honest with the American people and admit that we are all paying a collective fortune largely for three reasons: (1) to keep functioning into their 60s those who drank, smoked, and ate too much and in a past era would have passed on at 60; (2) to give us all an extra three to five years of mobility and functionality after we reach 75; (3) to fit us up with IVs, feeding tubes, and respirators so that in our last six months of life we can die in a rest home or among machines and specialists in a hospital rather than in our own home with a few morphine tablets for pain and a bowl of soup with a straw on the nightstand.
• What could be done? President Obama could try some honesty. Thus he might say, "We are spending hundreds of billions to keep us healthy, vital, and alive in ways unimaginable a few years ago. To keep our part of the bargain, we must then encourage the aging to remain active and working — and delay retirement. If we are living to 80 rather than 65, then surely we can start receiving Social Security benefits at 67 rather than at 62. What we save in postponed payouts can go to the greater cost of keeping us alive to 80."
President Obama also promises historic new rates of high-school and college graduation. Again, he seems to think the present problem is the absence of money — as if brilliant, gifted, and motivated young people are ending up at McDonald's rather than doing quantum physics because the bogeymen "they" raised the bar and didn't give them enough college scholarship support.
• President Obama apparently cannot say, "Americans — each time you have a child out of wedlock, each time you take an illicit drug, each time you break the law or go to jail, each time you romanticize brutality rather than honor scholarship, each time you allege the racism of the others rather than look into your own soul, you do your own small part in ensuring that we might not educate your child as we should — no matter how many thousands of dollars we lavish upon him."
• If President Obama is serious about education, then he might also remonstrate with universities to bare their books, keep their costs below the rate of inflation, mandate a cutoff of student support after four years, insist that the BA or BS degree be contingent on some sort of final exit examination, re-examine tenure — and invest in vocational and trade schools rather than continue subsidizing community-studies, sociology, education, and physical-education degrees. One brilliant plumber, gifted carpenter, or adept auto mechanic does more for the American economy (and our collective values) than a dozen 20-something sociology majors in progress.
• Sally Pipes (3/2/09) Bam's Bad Medicine.
My Summary:  Obama's fond of saying there are "50 million Americans without health insurance."  Of these, 10 million make over $75K, 8 million make between $50-75K, 14 million are eligible but they won't sign up for Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP, and another 10 million are here illegally.  So that's 42 million who can either afford it or who don't want it, or both – leaving just 8 million.
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