Wednesday, February 4, 2009

400-408Brigitte Gabriel, founder of the, and author of the New York Times best-seller They Must Be Stopped:  Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It.
413-423Brigitte Gabriel
428-437Wesley J. Smith, ( bioethicist and senior fellow at the Discovery Institute (, and author of The Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World.
443-452Wesley J. Smith
• Whittier Journal (2/4/09) Octuplets, 6 Siblings, and Many Questions.
• 458-508Wesley J. Smith.  What is our future if we reject human exceptionalism?  If the Judeo-Christian value system is rejected, how will secularism address issues like embryo selection, euthanasia, IVF, and the associated huge social and economic costs of illegitimacy and fatherless families?  Will it be forced abortion, one or two-child birth policies, will he ration childbirth? 
512-523 – • NBC (2/4/09) Calif. Supreme Court Could Strike Down Prop 8.
528-538Steve Arterburn, founder and chairman of New Life Live Ministries ( heard weekdays on KKLA at 2pm, the nation's largest faith-based counseling ministry, and founder of the Every Man's Battle conferences ( that help men overcome their sexual addictions, on GoDaddy's Super Bowl commercials.
544-554Steve Arterburn
558-608What's Up?
612-623What's Up?
628-638What's Up?
644-655What's Up?
• Dick Morris (2/3/09) Keynesian Fallacy.
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