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400-408 – • AP (1/13/09) Gay bishop invited to pre-inauguration event in DC.  New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson will deliver the invocation at the "We Are One" event at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday that will kick off the inaugural festivities.
The pulpit is getting even more crowded at the Inauguration festivities next week. After miffing gay and lesbian groups by picking pro-Proposition 8 Rev. Rick Warren to offer the invocation on his big day, President-elect Obama is giving homosexuals a turn in the limelight. In a surprise announcement, it appears the Obama team is trying to soothe the ruffled feathers over Warren's role by asking Bishop Gene Robinson, an open homosexual, to kick off the We Are One event on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial January 19. 

"It is also an indication of the new president's commitment to being the President of all the people. "...[I]t will be my great honor to be there representing... all of us in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community" Robinson said. Robinson will deliver the invocation at Sunday's ceremony, which both Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden are scheduled to attend. According to the AP, "Robinson said he doesn't yet know what he'll say, but he knows he won't use a Bible. 'While that is a holy and sacred text to me, it is not for many Americans,' Robinson said. 'I will be careful not to be especially Christian in my prayer.'" 

While the choice of Robinson may be designed to placate angry liberals, the irony of it isn't lost on religious conservatives. The ballyhoo over Pastor Warren's selection was in large part because he was "divisive" in supporting Prop 8. Yet if there was ever a pastor whose actions were divisive it was Gene Robinson who almost single handedly devastated one of America's oldest Christian denominations. Robinson's confirmation in 2003 as the first openly gay Bishop shattered the once-conservative Episcopal Church and created a painful split between the liberal leadership and faithful Anglicans that cost it hundreds of thousands of followers. Robinson says, "I believe in my heart that the church got it wrong about homosexuality." This view, which he emphasized in at least three private meetings with Obama, may be reflective of the next president's ideology, but it's far from mainstream. While liberals may not appreciate Warren's position on marriage, a majority of voters happen to agree with him. Far more states--including California--have banned counterfeit marriage than have ratified it.
413-423If Robinson is not going to pray as a Christian or use the Bible, Who is he praying to?  Who is he representing if not a Christian denomination?  Is his identity rooted in his sexual behavior or in his God?  My concern is the attempted redefinition of Christianity, an effort that must be resisted at every opportunity.
428-437Vishal Mangalwadi, is an international lecturer, social reformer, political columnist, and author of thirteen books (, on his recent Obama videos on 
443-452Vishal Mangalwadi. Why does the President put his hand on the Bible?
458-508Vishal Mangalwadi.  What concerns you, as a Christian, about the election of Obama?
512-523Dinesh D'Souza (, best-selling author and lecturer, whose best-seller What's So Great About Christianity continues to enrich the lives of many people.
• Jerusalem Post (1/12/09) Hamas raids aid trucks, sells supplies. Hamas on Monday raided some 100 aid trucks that Israel had allowed into Gaza, stole their contents and sold them to the highest bidders.  View a live video feed from the Kerem Shalom crossing into Gaza here.
• Dennis Prager (1/13/09) The Difference Between Israel and Hamas.
528-538Dinesh D'Souza.  What is the state of American Christianity?
544-554Dr. Denise Nugent with Ears to Hear ( 877-327-7864), our new sponsor.
558-608Bill Salus (, host of "Prophecy Update" a radio program affiliated with Calvary Chapel, on his latest book Israelstine: The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East (  Bill believes there will be a Psalm 83 conflict in which Israel will defeat her neighbors and grow in power, security, and wealth prior to the great conflict of Ezekiel 38 & 39 between Israel and the Soviet-Iranian alliance that culminates in Armageddon.  Some verses don't reconcile easily with just the Ezekiel prophecy.  For example, when will Damascus be destroyed (Isa 17:1)?  When will Israel live "securely" "without walls" and in peace" (Ez 38:8,11)?  How can Iran be so vital in the Ez 38-39 battle, yet not mentioned in the Psalm 83 conflict?  Could it be that Iran is temporarily neutralized by Israel?
609 – [1:30] "Your Independent, Unbiased, Advisors: The Money Guys" Robert Micone/Bill O'Connor at Applied Financial, 866-SEEK-COUNSEL, and online at
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