Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fundraiser With Talking Bibles!
• Today we learn how Talking Bibles are bringing the Word of God to the half of the world who can't read and who've perhaps never heard of Jesus!  "Talking Bibles International" has distributed 104,000 audio New Testaments in 34 countries and 73 languages!  Each 5"x3" "Mechanical Missionary" allows the local pastor to "adopt an entire village" since it plays loud enough to be comfortably heard by a group of about 20.  So as soon as people get one, they invite friends and family over, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, there's "book of Acts" results:  new believers get baptized and churches pop up where there had only been spiritual darkness.
• They're able to manufacture, transport, and place a Talking Bible in the hands of a local pastor in Sierra Leone, Africa, and it will be in their native language of Krio, all for just $72.00.  That means, $360 will send 5, and $720 will send 10 Talking Bibles. 
• Call 888-799-49-99 or give online at  And, each gift will be matched by an anonymous donor!
• Give now and villagers in Sierra Leone will hear the Christmas story in Krio for the very first time.
• Just like us, listeners are able to hear the Word of God more often than they're able to read it.  These people of oral cultures may not read and write, but they have phenomenal memories who can repeat a story in great detail after hearing it only once.  And they love stories!  So people hear the words of Jesus, then spontaneously tell others without urging, embarrassment or difficulty.
• We're joined by Dr. Harvey Hoekstra (88 years young), the founder and now Chairman of the Board of Talking Bibles International (, and his son Paul Hoekstra.