Friday, November 14, 2008

400-408 – • Mark Mooney (11/14/08) Campaign Boogeyman William Ayers Talks to 'GMA'.
(2:41) William Ayers with Chris Cuomo on ABC's GMA this morning.
Although a "terrorist" is one who seeks to create a climate of public fear in order to accomplish a political goal -"terrorist" and "killer" aren't necessarily the same thing-the former Weather Underground leader still insists he was never a terrorist.
Ayers remains evasive and parses his words carefully. "I never hurt or killed anyone," he tells Cuomo, leaving out the fact that his terrorist group plotted to kill hundreds of U.S. military personnel and their dates at a March 1970 dance at Fort Dix. The only reason it didn't take place was because his fellow terrorists blew themselves up while making the bomb.
I suppose Osama bin Laden may not have actually killed anyone either. He just planned attacks. By Ayers's reasoning, bin Laden is not a terrorist.
413-423Was it terrorism?
428-437Was it terrorism? (Rochelle in Compton)
443-452Chris Horner, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (, and author of the just-out Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud, and Deception to Keep You Misinformed, on the claim that global warming is to blame for the Tea Fire in Montecito, near Santa Barbara.
A new report says that global warming could cost the Californian economy billions of dollars each year, through a combination of rising sea levels, and the increased frequency of wild fires and extreme weather events.
The comprehensive study (PDF), published by researcher's at UC Berkeley, also claims that $2.5 trillion of Californian real estate assets are at risk. The clear message, says co-author Prof. David Roland-Holst, is the strong economic case for timely action to slash carbon emissions and adapt to the already unavoidable effects of climate change.
"Our report makes clear the most expensive thing we can do about climate change is nothing," he said. "As we learned in New Orleans, turning your back on the threat of natural disaster doesn't make it go away."
458-508Chris Horner
512-523 – (5:47) John Ferrola, Director of the Curtain Call in Tustin, invites everyone down to our KKLA night coming up on Saturday, December 6th for their production of "It's A Wonderful Life."  Every adult or child who buys a ticket will also get a "show only" certificate for a future show – compliments of KKLA!  We're filling up fast, so get your tickets early!  And, there'll be some awesome door prizes, such as free nights at the awesome Alpenhorn Bed & Breakfast in Big Bear.  Call to reserve your seats now at (714) 838-1540.
528-538Cal Beisner, the National Spokesperson for the, who's working to gather one million signatures from those who endorse biblical stewardship without embracing all the global warming alarmism at  Also check out for the best cost-benefit analysis of what we can do to help the world's poor.
539Linda Carpenter from Alpenhorn Bed and Breakfast in Big Bear (, 888-829-6600), on the beautiful fall going on in Big Bear right now, and a special offer she's got for between now and December 1st.
544-554 – • Breitbart (11/14/08) SC priest: No communion for Obama supporters.
• Mike Gallagher (11/14/08) Finally, a Religious Leader with Guts.
558-608Frank's Free-For-All
612-623Frank's Free-For-All
628-638Frank's Free-For-All
644-655Frank's Free-For-All
• Sally Satel (11/14/08) It's All in Your Head.
• Michelle Malkin (11/14/08) Hank Paulson, Naked Emperor.
• Charles Krauthammer (11/14/08) The Bailout's Fault Lines.