Friday, November 7, 2008

400-408 Ben Shapiro, nationally-syndicated columnist (
• Ben Shapiro (11/6/08) Americans Embrace Childish Unity.
Total Vote: 126.5 – 128.5 million votes, or 60.7% - 61.7% of the electorate.
Compared to the 122 million who voted in 2004, this is a rise of less than 1%.
Republican turnout declined by 1.3% over 2004, to 28.7%.
Democratic turnout increased by 2.6% over 2004, to 31.3%.
However, these national turnout rates mask the turnout in key states that went for Obama.
Highest increases in turnout: NC, AL, VA, MS, DC.
Highest percentage of turnout: MN, WI, IA, MO, MI, SD, NC.
428-437Bob Hamer, author of The Last Undercover: The True Story of an FBI Agent's Dangerous Dance with Evil (, has spent 26 years infiltrating and working undercover in the Russian mob, the Iraqi syndicate, the Crips, La Costa Nostra, and his last undercover, infiltrating NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association, an organization more secretive than any group of gangsters.
443-453Bob Hamer
458-508Tom Minnery, Senior Vice President of Focus on the Family Action (
512-523Let's thank our cultural co-belligerents, as Francis Schaeffer called them, for their wonderful work in helping to pass Prop 8!
524 – KKLA is hosting a special listener event, featuring Dr. Jack Graham of Power Point Ministries on Tuesday, November 18th at 7pm. Arrive early and enjoy a live broadcast of the Frank Pastore Show at 4 PM. The event takes place at Pasadena First Church of the Nazarene. This is a free event, but you do need to register by calling (800) 350-5559, or go to today! Also, be sure you listen this Tuesday when we're joined by Dr. Jack Graham.
539Linda Carpenter from Alpenhorn Bed and Breakfast in Big Bear (, 888-829-6600).
544-554Jerry Bowyer, nationally-syndicated columnist and chief economist for
• Jerry Bowyer (11/5/08) Never Give In.
558-608Jerry Bowyer
612-623Frank's free for all.
628-638Frank's free for all.
644-655Frank's free for all.

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