Wednesday, July 23, 2008

400-408John Bolton, former US Ambassador to the UN, on Obama's trip to the Middle East, Russian bombers maybe coming to Cuba, and a nuclear Iran.  John's latest book is Surrender is Not an Option: Defending America at the United Nations.
413-423Cal Beisner, with the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation ( and the We Get It Campaign (, updates us on the effort to gather one million signatures of those who endorse biblical stewardship without embracing radical alarmism that will certainly hurt the world's poor.  Over 31,000 scientists, 9,000 of them with Ph.D.'s, oppose global warming alarmism (  Over 50 of the world's leading economists worked to find the best solutions to the world's ten biggest problems, and in May 2007, the expert panel of 8 top-economists, including 5 Nobel Laureates, presented their Copenhagen Consensus.  The world's best investment?  Vitamins for undernourished children (
• Wall Street Journal, Democrats and Energy: Reality Bites.
• Seattle Post (7/22), Al Gore: Sound pick for the environment.
428-437Cal Beisner
443-452Rick Scarborough, founder of Vision America (, on helping Christian voters to realize what's at stake in this presidential election.
•• Next Wednesday, July 30 @ 10am, there will be a statewide Pastor's Strategic Protect Marriage Conference Call, for info, go to
• Wall Street Journal, New Christian PAC Supports Obama.
458-508Jed Babbin, former undersecretary of Defense and Air Force JAG officer, and today Editor of Human Events (, on the possibility of Russia basing nuclear-capable bombers in Cuba and on the possible repeal of the "don't ask don't tell" policy.  Jed's latest book is In the Words of Our Enemies.
512-523William Mims, Pastor of the Full of Faith Christian Center in Pomona (, on race and this presidential election.  How divided is America by race?
528-539Todd Bentley ( will be at USC's Galen Center this Saturday and Sunday night (7/26-27) at 5:30pm, both events are free and open to the public, as part of Harvest Rock Church's "33 Nights of Glory" that runs from July 2 to August 3 (  Harvest Rock Church is pastored by Che and Sue Ahn, and they meet Sunday mornings at the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena.
(3:01) Todd Bentley's apparent false prophesy comment in full context
• [NEW] I'm telling you right now, I believe that people can receive impartations…now let me tell you the prophetic word the Wendy gave me, for those watching, this is why I believe tomorrow night's meeting, if you live in… on the internet and live local, can be here tomorrow night, Sunday night.  Listen to this…
•• [1:17, TB – Jesus Coming]  Listen to this, [the Lord just spoke to me and said, "This is what will happen tomorrow night.  The King and the King's anointing falls tomorrow night.  The 8th of June, the anointing of the King of Glory falls."  Jesus said, "I am coming in person."  The king is coming in person!  I sense so strongly there will be a personal, divine visitation of the Lamb of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, to the revival tomorrow night.   He will come in the clouds in his chariot surrounded by a great angelic host, because the great honoring of the Lamb of God, the King of Glory, is coming to visit Lakeland, to visit the revival, to visit the outpouring.  The devil trembles with that knowledge.  For tomorrow, the King of Glory sets foot upon the stage, in divine, personal, one to one visitation.] 
• [:30, TB – in spirit]  [NEW] Now, for all of those watching, and who just don't understand the nature of the prophetic, though I'm open to a…the Lord can appear, now I've seen the Lord.  I'm not suggesting there's going to be a physical flesh, Jesus Christ from the Bible.  I hope you understand we're talking about "in atmosphere."  We're talking about in spiritual experience.  We're talking about impartation.  Now Roy, if tonight and last night's worship is any indication that something is changing in the realm of the glory.  Something about the king of glory… Oh God we want to set a place up in the throne of our hearts, more than anything else, for you to come and visit.  Come on!  Who wants to have the king come in His glory? Come up, lift up….
(3:42) Sherri Shepherd talks on today's View about the interview and article in the magazine, "Precious Times" a black Christian women's magazine
(:44) The short bite of Sherri explaining the "Barbara getting saved" comment
(:32) The short bite of Sherri explaining the "too many abortions to count" comment
558-608Those of you who are post-abortive, are there effective ministries to help you?  The West Side Pregnancy Clinic (310) 268-8400 can help as well as any Pregnancy Resource Center.
• AP, Teen Sues Teacher for Calling Her Ugly. What's the back story to the most hurtful names you were called as a child?
• Thomas Sowell, Bankrupt "Exploiters": Part II.
(:46) Barack Obama interviewed by Katie Couric on CBS today says the surge has helped reduced violence in Iraq but the money could have also been used elsewhere
(:57) John McCain interviewed by Katie Couric on CBS says Obama would rather than lose a war than a campaign