Thursday, July 31, 2008

400-408Frank Turek, founder-president of (, and author of I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, can be seen on Sundays at 3pm and 11pm on channel 378 on Direct TV, on the news of the day.
(:25) Barack Obama, "So, what they're saying is, 'We know we're not very good, but you can't risk electing Obama.  You know, he's new, he doesn't look like the other president's on the currency, he ahhh, he's got a, he's got a funny name."
413-423Frank Turek,
• CNS, Cash Infusion for 'Protect Marriage' Group.  Don Wildmon and the American Family Association gives them $500,000.
• SF Gate (7/30), Prop. 8 backers sue to change ballot wording.  Attorney General Jerry Brown is trying to stack the deck against a November ballot measure barring same-sex marriage by declaring in his formal ballot description that it "eliminates the right of same-sex couples to marry," sponsors of the initiative charged in a lawsuit Tuesday.
428-437Peter Schweizer (, research fellow at the Hoover Institute and author of Makers and Takers: Why Conservatives Work Harder, Feel Happier, Have Closer Families, Take Fewer Drugs, Give More Generously, Value Honesty More, Are Less Materialistic and Envious, Whine Less and Even Hug Their Children More than Liberals, tells us why young people are so attracted to liberalism after high school and into college and what we can do about it.
(:21) Barack Obama, "There are things you can do individually to save energy.  Making sure your tires are properly inflated.  Simple thing.  But we could save all the oil they're talking about getting off drilling, if everybody was just inflating their tires?  And getting regular tune ups?  You can actually save just as much!"
• Atlanta Journal Constitution, McCain campaign: Obama played race card.
(:13) Barack Obama, "I don't pay attention to what John McCain says… although I do notice he doesn't seem to have anything very positive to say about himself does he?  He seems to be only talking about me.  You know to ask John McCain what he's for, not just what he's against."
443-452Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch ( with an update on their fight to repeal Special Order 40 in Los Angeles and on the city of San Francisco protecting illegal aliens.
458-508Joe Dallas (, came out of the gay lifestyle and is now the founder of Genesis Counseling, a ministry to those trapped in sexual addiction and homosexuality, and author of The Gay Gospel: How Pro-Gay Advocates Misread the Bible, on the gay agenda's fight against the Marriage Amendment and on how far the gay-agenda would advance if Barack Obama is president and we had a Democratic Congress.  Are we seeing the fulfillment of what Joe talked about in his book?
• San Diego Union Tribune (7/28), Will gays boycott turn the tables.
512-523Bill Maier, vice president of Focus on the Family (, and host of Weekend Magazine, on the latest Planned Parenthood "educational program."
• Planned Parenthood's new program, ""
(:30) Take Care Down There, "I Didn't Spew."  A "teacher" interrupts a boy performing oral sex on another boy and asks them where their condoms are.
(:54) Take Care Down There, "Let Me Do Me."  A girl tells her friends that she's staying home from a party to masturbate. When her pals look shocked, she says, "What? I like me. I like spending time with me. Tonight I think I'm going to go all the way with me."
(:42) Take Care Down There, "Threesome."
• One News Now (7/23), Porn Addiction not just a male issue.
523 – (2:00) Don Rohde (818) 262-2092.  For the past 36 years, Don has been a sales manager at Galpin, the #1 volume Ford dealer in the world for the past 18 consecutive years.  Galpin has been family-owned and operated for the past 59 years, and 90% of their business is repeat or referral.  Galpin offers Ford, Lincoln-Mercury, Honda, Mazda, Saturn, Volvo, Jaguar, and Aston Martin.  Located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley at Roscoe and the 405.
528-539Bill Maier, Calls
539 – (1:30) "Your Independent, Unbiased, Advisors: The Money Guys" Robert Micone/Bill O'Connor at Applied Financial, 866-SEEK-COUNSEL, and online at
544-554Bill Maier, Calls
558-608Bill Maier, Calls, for dealing with pornography issues, 800-A-FAMILY, 800-NEW-LIFE,
628-639Whose side are you on, the smelly guy or the casino?
644-655 – Calls