Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Delegate Count as of 2/6 @ 5:55pm EST, including California:
Democrat Delegates (2,025 of 3,957 to win):  Hillary 1024 / Barack 933 / Edwards 26 = 1,983
Republican Delegates (1,191 of 2,234 to win):  McCain 703 / Mitt 293 / Huck 190 / Ron 14 = 1,200
Republican Convention is September 1-4 in Minneapolis.
Democrat turnout doubled Republican turnout.  Can McCain begin to turn this around at CPAC?
400-408Harry Jackson, (, is senior pastor of the 3,000 member Hope Christian Church in Washington, D.C., founder-chairman of the High Impact Leadership Coalition, and author of The Black Contract With America, on the results of super Tuesday.  Exit polling results are:
DEMOCRATS (Hillary got 6 in 10 women, 2 of 3 Hispanics, 3 of 4 Asians, and the older vote.  Barack got 8 in 10 blacks, half the white vote, a majority of higher income voters, and the youth vote under 29 – and Dems under 44.)
Issues:  Economy 48% / Iraq 29% / Health Care 19%
All Blacks:  Barack 82 / Hillary
All Whites:  Hillary 53 / Barack
All Males:  Split
All Females:  Hillary 57% (She won Democratic white women 60/40)
White Males:  Split
White Females: Hillary 2:1
Hispanics Nationally:  Hillary 64%
Hispanics California (30% of the vote):  Hillary 69%.  She even won 60% of Hispanics under 29.
Asians California:  Hillary 75%
Issues:  Economy 39% / Immigration 23% / Iraq 19% / Terrorism 15%
Moderates:  McCain
Conservatives: McCain / Romney 34% / 24%
White Evangelicals:  Huckabee 38% / McCain 30% / Romney 27%
California Evangelicals:  Split three ways
413-423Harry Jackson
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428-437Samuel Rodriquez, president of the 15 million-member National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (, on Super Tuesday.
458-508Have you ever had a "security scare" in Mexico?  How much is the typical payoff to the corrupt Mexican cop?
558-608Karen England, executive director of the Capitol Resource Institute (, with a warning about AB624 that will require all charitable organizations with assets of more than $250 million to report the ethnicity, race, gender, and sexual orientation of its board of directors, staff, contractors-businesses it deals with, and those it makes grants or monetary gifts to.  It passed the Assembly last week.
Upcoming Protect Marriage Events ( Thursday 2/7 10am @ First Presbyterian Church of Burbank, and 130pm @ Calvary Chapel South Bay.
612-623Super Tuesday Audio from the candidates.
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(Learn how you can win in a personal lunch with Dr. James Dobson, go to for details.)
628-639Lara Scott with another edition of From the Heart Radio (
644-655Lara Scott
Prop 91:  FAILED 42/58%  Transportation Funding.
Prop 92:  FAILED 43/57%.  Funding for Community Colleges
Prop 93:  FAILED 46/54%.  Term Limits.
Prop 94-97:  PASSED 56/44%.  Indian Gaming.  The pacts were forged to allow four Riverside and San Diego county tribes to add 17,000 slot machines to the 8,000 they already operate. In return, the tribes would pay the state a combined minimum of $123 million a year and up to 25% of the revenue from the new machines.