Wednesday, February 13, 2008

400-408Who do you believe?  Who's lying?
(:56) Roger Clemens, at today's Congressional Hearing
(:43) Brian McNamee
(:28) Dan Burton
428-437Come on the Alaskan cruise with us July 20-27, go to for details!
443-452(RESPECT) Who is the "Queen of Soul?"
• Breitbart, World's fattest man drops 230 kilos (507 pounds).  Manuel Uribe weighed in at 1,257 before losing 570 pounds.  He wants to get down to a svelte 265.
458-508Vicki Courtney (, founder of Virtuous Reality Ministries that reaches 150,000 girls and mothers a year with the message of abstinence.  Her latest is Logged On and Tuned Out, and her next book will be out in the fall 5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter.
512-523Vicki Courtney
528-539 Gary Bauer, founder of American Values (, on the presidential race and a petition he's got on his website asking the government to transfer all earmarks designated for Berkeley to the U.S. Marines.
• Fred Barnes, Assessing the GOP's Chances.
SS – Mike Rovner, co-founder of Profiles for Success is hosting a free banquet for pastors and their wives Friday February 29th at The Odyssey in Granada Hills from 6-10pm  Register at ( or call (877) 915–0168.
544-554Why will Obama win?  Because he can wow an audience, he makes promises people want to hear, and they don't know and they don't care about his policies.  It's like high school, you voted for who was most popular not who was the most qualified for the job from a policy perspective.  You wanted somebody that represented you, that you could say "He's my guy, he's cool, and he makes me feel good about who I am."  Policy?  That was for the nerds in the AP classes.  Who cares about policy when singing along with a rock star?
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Come on the Alaskan cruise with us July 20-27, go to for details!
(:21) Obama, No Healthcare.  Does this represent something bigger than politics?
(:34) Obama, No War.  (Sizzle and no steak)
(:17) McCain, Cold Steak. (Steak and no sizzle)
(:21) Obama, Exxon's $11B
(:28) McCain, Our Enemy
(:16) McCain, BO Platitudes
(2:23) McCain, Why I Run
• AP, Senate Votes to Ban Waterboarding.  Vote was 51-45 restricting the CIA to the 19 interrogation techniques outlined in the Army field manual, prohibiting waterboarding and sensory depravation.  Both the military and the CIA outlawed these techniques in 2006.
558-608Bishop Kenneth Ulmer, senior pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church (, invites everyone to the Forum this Sunday, February 17th, at 5pm for a celebration honoring Bishop Charles Blake as the newly appointed Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, the largest African American Pentecostal denomination in the world.  The event starts at 5pm, is free, and it's open to the public.  Speakers include Jack Hayford and Robert Schuller.
612-623John Corcoran, graduated high school, college, and landed a job teaching in the Oceanside School District and did so for 17 years – all the while, unable to read and write.  He since has learned to read, and now works fighting illiteracy with his foundation, The John Corcoran Foundation (, 877-545-5757).  John says the secret to learning to read is phonics.  His new book is the Bridge to Literacy.
628-639Have you struggled with illiteracy?
Come on the Alaskan cruise with us July 20-27, go to for details!
• Paul Edwards, Defining Evangelicalism Down.