Monday, February 11, 2008

Delegate Count as of 2/11
Primaries/Conventions: 2/12 D.C., MD, VA.  2/19 HI (D), WA, WI.  2/24 PR.  3/4 MA, OH, RI, TX, VT.  3/8 WY (D).  3/11 MS.  4/22 PA.  5/3 Guam.  5/6 IN, NC.  5/13 NE, WV.  5/17 HA.  5/20 KY, OR.  5/27 ID (R).  6/3 MT, NM (R), SD.  6/28 NE.
• The Democrat needs 2,025 of 3,957 to win:  Hillary 1136 / Barack 1108 / Edwards 26 = 2,270
Remaining delegates:  3957 – 2270 = 1687
Hillary needs 2025 – 1136 = 889 of the remaining 1687 delegates (53%)
Barack needs 2025 – 1108 = 917 of the remaining 1687 delegates (54%)
• The Republican needs 1,191 of 2,234 to win:  McCain 719 / Mitt 282 / Huck 234 / Ron 14 = 1,249.
Remaining delegates:  2234 – 1249 = 985. 
McCain needs 1191 – 719 = 472 of the remaining 985 delegates (48%)
Huckabee needs 1191 – 234 = 957 of the remaining 985 delegates (97%)
400-408(:45) Huckabee tells Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation that he's still holding on for the impossible.
(:17) Huckabee tells Bob Schieffer on Face that he and McCain are the only ones running a civil campaign.
• William Kristol, Obama's Path to Victory.  Will Ohio and Texas be Hillary's firewall that stops Obama?  Will Bill Richardson and John Edwards campaign in Texas for Obama?  Will Nancy Pelosi or Al Gore endorse Obama?
• John Fund, Getting to 270:  Can John McCain win in November?  To date, Dems have turned out 13 million voters, Republicans just 9 million.
• Fox News, U.S. Charges 6 Guantanamo Prisoners With Sept. 11 Ties, Seeks Death Penalty.  Will the government be forced to yield information that compromises sources?  What role will the waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed play in all this?  What will the world community say about the death penalty?  The defendants will get the same rights as US soldiers tried under the military justice system including the right to remain silent, call witnesses, and know the evidence against him.  Appeals can go all the way to the Supreme Court.  This is going to take years.
413-423C – Come on the Alaskan cruise with us July 20-27, go to for details!
• AP, Defense Department Analyst, Former Boeing Employee, 2 Chinese Immigrants, Arrested in 2 Spy Cases.  Gregg Bergensen of the DOD sold info to New Orleans furniture salesman Tai Kuo who then passed it on to Chinese agent Yu Xin Kang – the info included every planned sale of weapons to Taiwan for the next five years.  Bergensen faces 10 years, Kuo faces life.  In the second case, Greg Chung stole trade secrets about the Space Shuttle and other programs from his employer Rockwell then Boeing and sold them to China.
• Fox News, NHL Player in Stable Condition After Throat Is Slashed by Skate.  Florida Panthers' Richard Zednick had his throat accidentally slit by teammate Olli Jokinen's skate while Jokinen was being upended in a collision.  A similar injury occurred on March 22, 1989 to Sabres goaltender Clint Malarchuk.
• Fox News, Mysterious Illness Forces Girl to Survive on a Diet of Mints.  Natalie Cooper, 17, weighed just 70 pounds and doctors believed she was bulimic.  Instead, she has a mysterious illness that causes her to vomit any solid food.  She's now gained almost 30 pounds, gets nutrition through a feeding tube, and snacks on Tic Tacs.
• AP, Armed Robbers Steal $163 Million Worth of Art From Zurich Museum.  It looks as though they stole the first four they came to, leaving far more valuable paintings still hanging in the gallery.  They took a Monet, a Degas, a van Gogh, and a Cezanne.  The FBI estimates the global market in stolen art at $6 billion, with over 30,000 individual pieces unrecovered.
428-437(Werewolves of London) • Fox News, Report: Man Charged With Sex Assault After Convincing Victim He Was Werewolf/Vampire.  Kristian Allen Carl, 19, convinced a 15 year old girl to have sex with him by claiming he was a werewolf-vampire hybrid with supernatural powers protected by a guardian dragon.  The cops were not persuaded.
• Fox News, Fargo's Annual Flapjack Fest Makes Record Book With Nearly 35,000 Pancakes.  They broke the previous record of 30,724 pancakes set in 2002 by the Lions Club of Lubbock, Texas.  In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Fargo Kiwanis Club Pancake Karnival, they set out to break the record and they did, with 34,818 pancakes.
• AP, Mercury in Minnesota Town Plummets to Record Low.  It fell to 40 bellow zero in International Falls, Minnesota, just a few days after they won a federal trademark as "Icebox of the Nation."
• Fox News, Best Friends Have Babies Weeks Apart With Same Deadly Illness.  Tara and Andrea were best friends since childhood.  Tara Sturman's daughter India (10 months) and Andrea Cobbold's son Alex (13 months) were both born with biliary atresia – they don't have bile ducts outside their livers – so bile enters the bloodstream causing cirrhosis which could kill them.  Alex got his liver transplant in October 2007, and India in November.  They're both home.
• Mark Twain was born on the day of the appearance of Halley's Comet in 1835, and he died on the day of its next appearance in 1910.
• Oregon's Columbian newspaper printed the winning Pick 4 lottery numbers for June 28, 2000 in advance.  They intended to print the previous set of winning numbers bur erroneously printed those from Virginia, namely 6855.  In the next Oregon lottery, those numbers were drawn.
• In 1899 a bolt of lightning killed a man as he stood in his backyard in Taranto, Italy.
  Thirty years later his son was killed in the same way and in the same place.
  On October 8, 1949, Rolla Primarda, the grandson of the first victim and the son of the second, became the third.
• On the 26th November, 1911, three men were hanged at Greenberry Hill in London after being convicted of the murder of Sir Edmund Berry. Their names were Green, Berry and Hill
443-452(Strange Science) What's been the strangest coincidence in your life?  Birthdays?  Names?  Locations?  Events?  Here's one:  my wife, my sister in law, and my mother were all born on the same day!  Also, I've had two good friends at different times over the years share my birthday.
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Amanda Carpenter, national political reporter for on the presidential race.
528-539 David Horowitz, editor of Frontpage Magazine (, announced at CPAC his "Declaration Against Genocide," which is the next step for David Horowitz Freedom Center's Islamo Fascism Awareness project (
SS – (3:50) Jerry Rose, president of Total Living International tells us about the Life Celebration Conference at Mariner's Church Saturday February 23rd sponsored by Significant Living ministries (, an organization that offers guidance to adults 50 and over.  The event will celebrate the accomplishments of Pastor John Coulombe of First EV Free Church), author and speaker Jill Briscoe, producer of the Christy TV series Ken Wales, and author and speaker Stuart Briscoe.  Duffy will be the emcee.  Tickets at the web site or by calling (888) 200-8552.
544-554What to do with your old home movies, getting your VHS into miniDVD and then into iMovie.
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558-608Ted Baehr, chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission and founder of Movie Guide (, a ministry dedicated to helping families make wise movie choices, on the 16th Annual Movieguide Faith and Values Awards Gala tomorrow night with Michael Jr. and Natalie Grant at the Beverly Hilton Hotel at 7pm.
612-623Brian Bird, co-Executive Producer of Touched By An Angel for four seasons and now co-founder of Believe Pictures ( along with Michael Landon Jr., on the end of the writers strike.  The Last Sin Eater, Saving Sarah Cain.
• LAT, Writers Guild board approves tentative contract.  "The agreement doubles the rate that writers are paid for movie and TV shows sold online, establishes the union's jurisdiction over programming created for the Internet and for the first time provides payment for entertainment that is streamed on websites."
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628-639John MacArthur comments on Joel Osteen's recent comments about Mormonism.  Is this "Satan speaking" in the sense Jesus told Peter "get behind me Satan?" (Mt. 16:23)
WALLACE: And what about Mitt Romney? And I've got to ask you the question, because it is a question whether it should be or not in this campaign, is a Mormon a true Christian?
OSTEEN: Well, in my mind they are. Mitt Romney has said that he believes in Christ as his savior, and that's what I believe, so, you know, I'm not the one to judge the little details of it. So I believe they are.  And so, you know, Mitt Romney seems like a man of character and integrity to me, and I don't think he would — anything would stop me from voting for him if that's what I felt like.
WALLACE: So, for instance, when people start talking about Joseph Smith, the founder of the church, and the golden tablets in upstate New York, and God assumes the shape of a man, do you not get hung up in those theological issues?
OSTEEN: I probably don't get hung up in them because I haven't really studied them or thought about them. And you know, I just try to let God be the judge of that. I mean, I don't know.  I certainly can't say that I agree with everything that I've heard about it, but from what I've heard from Mitt, when he says that Christ is his savior, to me that's a common bond.
– Source: FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace, Dec. 23, 2007
• Fox News, Two Children in New York State Die From Influenza, Is an Outbreak Headed to Your City?  Historically, less than 1% of the H1N1 flu strains are resistant to Tamiflu (osteltamivir), these strains are at 6.7%.  132 million flu shots were given this year so far, and they are still available nationwide.  It takes about 2 weeks to be at full protection.  According to the CDC, there are about 36,000 deaths annually attributed to the flu.
• USA Today (2/11), U.S. Hispanic population to triple by 2050.  The US population is now 303 million, it will be 438 million by 2050.  In 2050:  blacks will still be 13% of the population, non-Hispanic whites will be 47%, but Hispanics will be 29%, while Asians fall from 9% to 5%.