Friday, May 2, 2008

Coming live to you today from the Pasadena Convention Center, site of the 56th Annual Greater Los Angeles Sunday School Convention sponsored by the Christian Ministries Training Association and the Master's College, where you'll find the latest Christian teaching materials, videos, books and Bibles with great workshops and speakers to help you and your church family with the responsibility of homeschooling.  It runs till 8pm tonight and from 8-5pm tomorrow.  Mention "KKLA" and get half-off of your admission, and you register right here on-site, so come on down!  And, we especially want to thank the Master's College for making this broadcast possible!
400-408Sue Tatsui, the director of the CMTA convention (, tells us what's new and exciting about this year's convention.  And, she's joined by this year's keynote speaker, former Dallas Cowboy linebacker and now pastor of the 3,000-member Antioch Bible Church ( in Redmond, Washington:  Ken Hutcherson – now known for taking on Microsoft's gay agenda.
413-423(1:35) Theme from Schindler's List to use as a bumper.
Dennis Prager ( heard weekdays 9-Noon on our sister-station 870 KRLA on this "Holocaust Remembrance Day."
• U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Holocaust Remembrance Day 2008-2016.
428-437Francis Chan pastor Cornerstone Simi Valley (, talks about his brand new book Crazy Love ( 
443-452Hollie Gorsh director of admissions at Master's College (, and Jason Semelsberger director of marketing for the Center for Professional Studies, with updates on what's been happening at Master's.
458-508Steve Barr, founder-CEO of Green Dot Public Schools (, on what the public schools should be learning from the success of Green Dot schools.
512-523 – (15:52) Replay of last Friday's (4/25) interview with Rick Monday, 19-year big league veteran and now Dodgers broadcaster, and Dodgers statistician Brian Pickering, who share the incredible story of how Rick helped save Brian's teenaged daughter from a really bad situation.
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On Wednesday, April 30 around 5:30 p.m. the United Methodist General Conference delegates voted on what is considered one of the most controversial issues before the world-wide church body. The delegates voted down the committee report that would change The Book of Discipline to explicitly condone homosexual practice. The Minority Report that was passed by a vote of 501-417 affirms not only that marriage is between a man and a woman but that marriage is a "covenant of monogamous, heterosexual marriage." The conference, United Methodism's chief rulemaking body, is a denominational gathering that occurs every four years and brings together delegates from around the world.
The vote today in affirmation of traditional marriage represents the will of the international United Methodist Church. Those who demand acceptance of homosexual behavior maximized their campaign this year knowing it was their last chance to win in United Methodism.
The African and other over-seas delegates represented the margin of victory for the current church stance on marriage and sex. This year they comprised almost 30 percent of the total delegates thanks to their church growth and membership decline in the U.S.  The internationals may comprise 40 percent in 2012.
Africans and other international United Methodists in coalition with Evangelicals in the U.S. are working for a new denomination faithful to historic Christian teaching, and culturally transformative instead of culturally accommodating.
• FRC, A Question of Faith.
While their Presbyterian USA counterparts sink deeper into the swamp of political correctness, the United Methodists stood tall for traditional marriage on Wednesday. By a 501-417 vote, delegates at the General Conference not only preserved marriage as the union of a man and woman but went further by strengthening the definition in The Book of Discipline to read, "the covenant of monogamous, heterosexual marriage." As the agenda of "sexual diversity" wreaks chaos on mainline denominations, the significance of this victory cannot be understated. Despite strong efforts to relax the church's stance on homosexuality and gay clergy, the General Conference left little doubt that the behavior is still incompatible with the Methodists' core beliefs. While some U.S. representatives may have waffled, a big influx of African and overseas delegates remained resolutely opposed and were the main reason that efforts to change the church's stance failed. Meanwhile, members of the Presbyterian USA are reaching critical mass on the leadership's position on same-sex "marriage." This week, the denomination's highest court vindicated a California minister that officiated at the wedding of a lesbian couple. The ruling, which was unanimous, overturned a previous decision that found the pastor guilty of violating church law. Rev. Jane Spahr, the pastor in question, said plainly, "It really doesn't matter to me what [the court] might do. I must do what I have been called to do." The panel reiterated that the church's position has been to allow ministers to bless same-sex unions "as long as they do not mimic traditional marriages." Unfortunately, the church is trying to appease both sides--an impossibility where scriptural truth is concerned.
544-554(1:49) Barack Obama on The Late Show with David Letterman, gives his "Top 10 Surprising Facts about Barack Obama."
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