Friday, November 16, 2012

400-408 – KP Yohannan, founder and international director of Gospel for Asia (, that's brought to the Gospel to millions in South Asia over the past 30 years.  For some great holiday ideas, go to

413-423 – Colin Stewart, VP of Advancement for Patrick Henry College outside Washington DC (  Join me in being a partner with Patrick Henry College by going to

428-438 – Jeff Bramstedt, retired award-winning Navy Seal and professional stuntman, whose passion is to help men lead a Life of Valor (, and "Jeff Bramstedt" on FB) – one marked by integrity, honor and valor.  Jeff travels the country speaking to NFL teams, churches and men's groups, and this Sunday will be at Bel Air Presbyterian Church for the 9am, 11am, and 6pm services.

Welcome to Life of Valor. This resource has been created by actual Navy SEALs for men who want to live more honorable lives. The SEALs that protect our country live by a code. This resource will challenge you to create your own code and apply it to your life. You will be able to see the codes of other men as well as create your own. You can begin your journey by watching the full resource in the video player located on the left. Pastor's and group leaders can download the full resource and conversation guide by clicking "Start Your Journey Now." Get ready to change your life.

443-452 – Jeff Bramstedt

458-508 – Victor Marx is a martial arts expert with a haunting past – though, on the outside, he looked like a successful young businessman with several lucrative martial arts schools in Hawaii, on the inside, he was still that boy who was physically and sexually abused by multiple stepfathers, living in 17 different houses and attending 14 different schools before graduating high school, and, who horrifically, was locked in a commercial cooler to die at the precious age of 5.  Filled with rage and anger, he entered the military, giddy over the idea that he would be paid to kill people.  But God proves again that He can "unscramble eggs," and today, Victor is the founder and president of All Things Possible (  (, a ministry to abused youth in our youth prisons, high schools, and foster group homes.  His book is entitled With God, All Things Are Possible (The Victor Marx Story) (2008) (Amazon), and the DVD of his life story is The Victor Marx Story DVD – When Impossible Is The Only Way Out! (2012) (Amazon).  The best way to get a hold of Victor is through the website, at

• YouTube (6/30/2009) "Official" World's Fastest Gun Disarm? Victor Marx.  5.5 million views!  Check out all his other videos too!

• Back on Thursday, June 7th, while Victor was sharing his story, we had a power outage and went off the air for the last half-hour of the show. 

512-523 – Victor Marx

528-539 – Victor Marx

544-554 – Victor Marx

558-608 – Victor Marx

LINER – Last September hundreds of couples in Southern California strengthened and redefined their marriage from the comfort of their own church!  And due to popular demand, KKLA is again partnering with Family Life Today to bring the Art of Marriage to your church February 8th and 9th at absolutely no cost to you. To sign up or for more information visit or call 818-662-3782, that's 818-662-3782.

612-623 – Victor Marx

628-642 – Victor Marx

644-656 – Lori Stevens from Shelton's Free Range Turkeys, no preservatives, flavor enhancers, modified starches, irradiated spices, animal protein or any other artificial ingredients – available and fine stores throughout Southern California.  For the store stocking never-frozen Shelton's products, go to, or call 800-541-1833.  They're operators will take calls tomorrow, Saturday, from 9-Noon, and next M-T-W from 9-5pm.