Friday, August 10, 2012

400-408 – Calls – What did you think of last night's showing of 2016: Obama's America that opens up nationwide tonight? (  It explains why Obama wants to "fundamentally transform America" by eliminating American exceptionalism, and how he will do it by replacing the American dream with the "dream from his father" to end Western colonialism – Obama wants to re-make America, by unmaking America.  The movie is based on Dinesh D'Souza's two books The Roots of Obama's Rage (2010) (Amazon) and Obama's America: Unmaking the American Dream (2012) (Amazon), it was produced by Gerry Molen, co-producer of Schindler's List, and producer of the block-busters Twister, Minority Report, Hook, Rain Man, and Jurassic Park.

1. (:21) BO on his absentee father.  The movie starts with Obama's own words from his audio version of his own book talking about the influence of his absentee father on his life.

2. (:23) BO on the impact of colonialism on his mother and he.

3. (1:30) BO on his "sell-out" step dad Lolo Soetoro, who took a job with a California oil company and moved into a white neighborhood. 

4. (:47) DD talks about the influence of anti-capitalist Hawaii.

•• 5. (:20) BO on his experience at Occidental College. 

6. (:26) BO on the call that his father had died.

•• 7. (1:09) BO reads from his book about being at his father's grave. 

•••7b. (:38) BO, says "I saw that my life in America… all connected…. their struggle my birthright.

•• 8. (:31) DD talks about anti-colonialism rooting in contempt for western militaries, merchants, and missionaries.

••• 8B. (:52) DD reads from a 1965 East Africa Journal article on colonialism written by Obama's father.

•• 9. (1:08) Shelby Steele on on how Obama effectively used race "bargaining" on white people, and Obama in his own words describes it.

• 10. (:52) DD with Barack's brother George Obama.  Barack lectures America about being "your brother's keeper," at the very time Barack made $15,000 a day in 2009 ($15.5M) while his brother lived in a hut in Nairobi on a few dollars a day.

11. (:39) DD with George Obama talking about colonialism and Kenya – George thinks the British left too soon!

12. (1:10) DD on Obama's quest for a nuclear free world.

13. (:26) Daniel Pipes on Obama's off-mic comments to Medvedev, that he could be more "flexible" once re-elected.

•• 14. (:31) Daniel Pipes on what Obama thinks about the United States. 

15. (:39) DD asks Daniel Pipes about Obama's view of Israel.

• 16. (:24)  DD asks Daniel Pipes about the effects of an Obama second term.

(7X) • Listener reactions from last night.

(:15) 1. Exposes Truth – Obama's Agenda – the truth will set us free

(:11) 2. Immigrant Why Does Obama Want to Destroy America?

(:15) 3. Motivating Enlightening - Educational to show Obama's motives

(:07) 4. O Background Fits – History Unbelievable

(:17) 5. Young Person – become disillusioned with Obama watch film for yourself.

(:06) 6. O Destruction Intentional

(:05) 7. One Big Awful Mistake America

413-423 – Calls –

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428-438 – (3X) Priorities USA Soptic Ad

(:21) Romney Doesn't Understand what he's done.

(:26) County Hospital and passed away in 22 days

(:11) Don't think Romney is concerned

443-452 – • SOPTIC AD KEY POINTS – Romney left Bain in 1999 to run the 2002 Olympics in Salk Lake City.  TWO YEARS after Romney left, GST closed the plant and offerred Joe Soptic a buyout when they fired him in 2001.  Soptic still had insurance for over a year through his wife Ranae's employment at a local thrift store.  Ranae got hurt and left her job and lost her insurance in 2002-03.  After losing his job at GST, Soptic was a school custodian for about six months, but chose not to put his wife on his insurance because he didn't want to pay the premiums.  FIVE YEARS after Soptic lost his job, and SEVEN YEARS after Romney ran Bain, Ranae was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and a local hospital and died 22 days later.  Soptic has appeared in at least three Obama Campaign ads in both video and still photo.

458-508 – • (4X) American Crossroad's "Cancer" Ad

(:17) 1. Blitzer mentions ad

(:17) 2. Cutter Denies Ties

(:11) 3. Don't have ties 

(:11) 4. BS We have a cancer growing…"

(2X) • RCP (8/10/2012) Star Of Obama Super PAC's Cancer Ad Says Bain Offered Him A Buyout.

In a January 10, 2012 interview with Amy Goodman of "Democracy Now!" the anti-Romney steel plant employee revealed he was offered a buyout when Bain decided to close the plant. Joe Soptic, the employee, has been in the news as of late due to an ad he made for the Obama-backed Super PAC Priorities USA. In the ad, Mr. Soptic says his wife died of cancer because he was laid off and no longer had health insurance.

However, not mentioned in the ad is that his wife found out she had cancer nearly five years after his departure from the plant. She died 22 days after her diagnosis. Transcript below.

AMY GOODMAN: Joining us now from Kansas City is Joe Soptic, former steelworker at Worldwide Grinding Systems, who has lost his job after a declared bankruptcy under Bain's control. He's speaking to us from Kansas City's PBS station KCPT. Joe, explain what happened. 

JOE SOPTIC: Well, I guess the first thing I noticed after the company was bought out by GST, they became very union-non-friendly. I mean, they started looking for ways to eliminate jobs. In my case, in my department, they actually offered to buy our jobs out from underneath us. They cut back on safety equipment. You know, the working environment just wasn't as good as it should be.

• Stephanie Cutter, Obama's Deputy Campaign Manager, hosts an Obama Campaign conference call with guest Joe Soptic on May 14, 2012.

(:17) 1. Lost job, lost insurance and got job as janitor with less benefits.

(:28) 2. County hospital for care. Blames Bain for cutting insurance

(:22) 3. Romney and partners took over and shut it down after they couldn't make anymore money

(:26) 4. Romney only worried about people at top.

(:07) 5. Stephanie Cutter Thanks Joe Soptic for sharing.

• Mona Charen (8/10/2012) Unfit to Govern.

• Peggy Noonan (8/10/2012, WSJ) Noonan: A Nation That Believes Nothing.  Romney doesn't need to talk about America becoming like Europe—he needs to warn us about America becoming like California.

• WSJ (8/9/2012) The Postmodern President: The challenge is finding anything his campaign says that is true.

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