Wednesday, July 18, 2012

400-408 – David Limbaugh, Rush's brother, joins us to talk about his latest book, The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama's War on the Republic (2012) (Amazon).  His previous book was Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama (2010) (Amazon).  He's on Twitter, @DavidLimbaugh.

• David Limbaugh (Townhall, 7/17/2012) The Most Anti-Business President Ever.

• WSJ (7/17/2012) Staples vs. Solyndra: Mitt Romney needs to make a better argument for Bain capitalism.

• WSJ (7/17/2012) 'You Didn't Build That': On the President's burst of ideological candor.

413-423 – David Limbaugh,

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428-438 – Calls – If there's all this evidence that Obama has been a failure, then why are the polls so close?  

443-452 – Calls – 

458-508 – Kenny Luck, Founder and President of Everyman Ministries (, YouTube), Men's Pastor at Saddleback, talks about his recent work on university campuses and his new book Sleeping Giant: No Move of God Without Men of God (2012) (Amazon).  Get a coupon to watch the 4-week series entitled "Fantasy Island" at  It all comes down to the Satanic strategy of getting you out of meaningful relationships by the allure of isolating behaviors.

512-523 – Kenny Luck,

528-539 – Kenny Luck,

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544-554 – Kenny Luck,

• LINER – Sign up for your free download of R.C. Sproul's "Can I Trust The Bible?" by going to, keyword "Trust.",, Tax Rates for the 2012 Tax Year.

2013 tax rates if the Bush Tax Cuts are not extended.
the 10% rate will be collapsed into the 15% rate;
the 25% rate will become 28%;
the 28% rate will become 31%;
the 33% rate will become 36%;
and the 35% rate will become 39.6%. 

Single Filing Status

10% on taxable income from $0 to $8,700, plus

15% on taxable income over $8,700 to $35,350, plus

25% on taxable income over $35,350 to $85,650, plus

28% on taxable income over $85,650 to $178,650, plus

33% on taxable income over $178,650 to $388,350, plus

35% on taxable income over $388,350.

Married Filing Jointly

10% on taxable income from $0 to $17,400, plus

15% on taxable income over $17,400 to $70,700, plus

25% on taxable income over $70,700 to $142,700, plus

28% on taxable income over $142,700 to $217,450, plus

33% on taxable income over $217,450 to $388,350, plus

35% on taxable income over $388,350.

[BO] 558-608 – Dr. Peter Jones, (from Liverpool, and yes he knew John Lennon who asked him to be in a band!) former professor of Greek and New Testament at Westminster Seminary in Escondido (, and director of the truthXchange (, argues there are only two religions in the world, but many synonyms for them:  homocosmology or heterocosmology, pagan monism or biblical theism, Christianity or Gnosticism, the One True or the many false – or simply, as Peter calls them, Two-ism and One-ism.  What many students today believe is a "new and improved spirituality that is secular and naturalistic" is actually the same ancient pagan gnosticism – or one-ism – the early church confronted and overcame, and we can learn a lot from them on how they did it.  On their website,, sign up for the monthly comment on the culture called InsideOut.  Peter's latest is One or Two: Seeing a World of Difference (2010).

Check out their new 8-min video describing one-ism and two-ism.  

Romans 1:25 – For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

His earlier books are: On Global Wizardry: Techniques of Pagan Spirituality and a Christian Response (2010);  The God of Sex: How Spirituality Defines Your Sexuality (2006);  Stolen Identity: The Conspiracy to Reinvent Jesus (2005);  Cracking Da Vinci's Code: You've Read the Fiction, Now Read the Facts (2004);   Capturing the Pagan Mind: Paul's Blueprint for Thinking and Living in the New Global Culture (2003);   Gospel Truth/Pagan Lies: Can You Tell the Difference? (1999);  Spirit Wars: Pagan Revival in Christian America (1997);  and The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back: An Old Heresy for the New Age (1992).

[BO] 612-623 – Dr. Peter Jones

[BO] 628-639 – Dr. Peter Jones

[BO] 644-656 – Dr. Peter Jones