Tuesday, June 5, 2012

400-408 – Jeff Myers, is the president of Summit Ministries (, having replaced last year the great David Noebel after his 49 years of wonderful service to the kingdom.  2012 marks Summit's 50th Anniversary – and in that time over 150,000 students have completed their rigorous two-week training in worldview apologetics – curricula largely developed by Jeff over the past 20 years – and his Understanding the Times video series has been viewed by over 2 million people worldwide.  He's the author of 7 books, including his latest Handoff: The Only Way to Win the Race of Life (2008) (Amazon).

•  Summit hosts 2-week conferences around the country throughout the summer.  The cost is just $895 – a great insurance policy against the thousands of dollars parents pay in college tuition, and a wonderful way to inoculate kids against the toxic ideas that infect university campuses.

Summit – because ideas have consequences.

• The place to start teaching worldview is the question, "Who is God?"  (See the pdf here.)

• Download the Summit Worldview Chart at, and their Fact sheets at  For those that would like great audio instruction, get 150 mp3s for $49.95 from their Summit Lecture Series at

• Last fall (2011), Summit concluded an intensive survey of 1,591 of their former students, asking them 126 precise questions about their current faith, their intellectual life, and their spiritual life.  They found that 83% of their former students still hold to a biblical worldview, as defined by Barna's Big 6 Questions.  By comparison, only 21% of "born again" Christians do, and only 9% of Americans do.

413-423 – Jeff Myers,

428-438 – Jeff Myers, Respond to your critics who might say, "Summit is just Christian indoctrination, rendering graduates incapable of gaining knowledge and proper education."

443-452 – Jeff Myers

458-508 – Congressman Frank Wolf (R-Virginia) has represented Virginia's 10th District since 1981, and since his first trip to Ethiopia in 1984, has been a relentless crusader for human rights around the world.  He shares his story in his new book Prisoner of Conscience: One Man's Crusade for Global Human and Religious Rights (2012) (Amazon).  What is the foundation for universal human rights if not the Judeo-Christian worldview?  How then, would you export human rights to countries and cultures that are hostile to Biblical values?

 512-523 – Congressman Frank Wolf

528-539 – Dr. Martin Eaton, licensed clinical psychologist, former graduate professor at USC, and owner of LearningRx in Anaheim Hills (, 714-769-7600) with learning centers in Anaheim Hills, Newport Beach, San Gabriel Valley, and Simi Valley.  Scientists used to believe that our IQ was fixed, but the latest research has proven "neuroplasticity" – the ability of the brain to create new neuro connections through proper training and practice.  At LearningRx, Dr. Eaton's clients see an average improvement of 12-15 points in their IQ.  Many medical professionals are aware of this, which is why 20% of Dr. Eaton's patients are physicians' kids.  The first signs of a cognitive problem often manifests around age 8 or 9, when the child begins performing poorly in school.  Research indicates that 88% of the time a child is underperforming in school because he or she has underdeveloped cognitive skills.  These are what LearningRx is able to improve.  The initial assessment and consultation typically costs $599, but for our KKLA listeners throughout the month of June, the cost is only $299.

544-554 – Dr. Martin Eaton

558-608 – Jim Reeve, ("Dr. J") founding-senior pastor of Faith Community Church in West Covina ( (Badillo, east of Vincent), which has grown from a handful of people in 1980 to over 10,000 in weekly attendance.  He and his wife Marguerite have been married 40 years, and celebrate have three grown children, two daughters-in-law, a son-in-law, and six grandchildren.  His TV ministry, Balanced Living, airs weekly.  Jim's latest book is Regenerate: Total Spiritual Transformation – built on the principles "Give up, start up, and step up."

• They are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this July 1st, and later this year they'll both be turning 60.

612-623 – Jim Reeve

628-639 – Jim Reeve

644-656 – Jim Reeve