Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today only, up to 30 families will be getting half-off tuition at 14 great Christian schools for their son or daughter this Fall!  Here's how this works… Go to, click on the "Half Off Tuition" banner, and find the school you're interested in on the really cool map.  And, if it's the right fit for you and your family – and you're able to put the whole one-half tuition on your credit card when you call today – then you'll be one of only two families per school to qualify for this great deal!  And yes, one family can get both deals at a school!  Here's the number (888) 799-4999.  And don't forget to refresh the page on your browser to see the latest updates on what schools are still available!   Oh, and this is for new students at the school only!

Brethren Christian Junior/Senior High School, Huntington Beach 

Concordia Lutheran K-12

Covenant Christian Schools, Orange K-8

East Los Angeles Light & Life Christian School, K-8

Good Shepherd Lutheran School, Simi Valley K-8

Heart of Valley Christian School K-6

Hillcrest Christian School K-12

Lighthouse Christian, Santa Monica K-12 

Los Altos Brethren P-6

Lutheran High School of LaVerne

Monarch Christian School, Northridge K-5

Pacific Lutheran High School, Torrance 

West Valley Christian School K-8

Whittier Christian Schools K-8

400-408 – Rick Lenger, Principal, Los Altos Brethren School in Long Beach (PK-6) Chapels.

Bob Chevalier, Principal, Heart of the Valley Christian School in Reseda (PK-6) Environment.

413-423 – Edward Amey, Executive Director of the Concordia Schools with 5 campuses (K-12).

Lucas Fitzgerald, Principal, Pacific Lutheran High School in Torrance. Camp experience.

428-438 – Mandy Diaz, Head of Monarch Christian School in Chatsworth (K-5).  Faculty.

Nancy Hawthorne, Principal, Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Simi Valley (K-8).  Make a difference!

443-455 – Armando Madrid, Director, East Los Angeles Light & Life Christian School (K-8) Rescue

Rick Niswonger, Principal of Brethren Christian Schools in Huntington Beach (6-12).  Fights?