Thursday, March 29, 2012

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400-408 – Jason Mattera, is a New York Times bestselling author, host of The Jason Mattera Show in New York, and at 27 is the youngest editor of Human Events.  And, he's just out with a scathing expose entitled Hollywood Hypocrites (Amazon), that exposes the hypocrisy of those celebrities who preach against "global warming," yet fly private planes to their countless homes, and who lecture us about charity and philanthropy yet who will do almost anything to get out of paying taxes, and those who scream about the evils of the Second Amendment while their personal bodyguards are packing heat.  

He slays the Left's sacred celebrity cows and teaches Obama's Tinseltown foot soldiers their most important lesson yet: No longer can they attempt to deny Americans the very liberties they use to catapult themselves to prosperity and stardom. In his trademark eye-opening, no-holds-barred, and hilarious style, Mattera puts scores of A-list celebrities, including Sting, Madonna, Bono, Al Gore, Alec Baldwin, Matt Damon, Cameron Diaz, Bruce Springsteen, and many, many more under the microscope to analyze whether they live by the same environmental, health, anti-violence, civil rights, and other policy prescriptions they seek to inflict on Americans. What he uncovers will shock you.

Hollywood's megaphone is powerful, and the mainstream media's love affair with the president will roar back with a vengeance when their guy is against the wall. Anyone who thinks Barack Obama's abysmal first term will be enough to demoralize the Liberal Left Coast from flexing its mediated political muscle is a fool.

It's time to recognize the marketing and fund-raising power the Hollywood Progressives wield. It's time to dig into the data and set the record straight. It's time to turn the media spotlight back on the image makers and prevent the Hollywood elite from hoodwinking American voters once again.

"A devastating investigation that rips the mask off the people who sold Obama to America--radical Hollywood. Eye-popping, exhaustively researched, and absolutely hilarious, Mattera's book muzzles the Hollywood liberals who stand ready to repackage a failed president to voters all over again. Powerful evidence for anyone committed to seeing Obama defeated in 2012."Mark Levin, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto.

"Best-selling Brooklyn bruiser Jason Mattera unleashes a barrage of body blows to Hollywood's holier-than-thou limousine liberals that may make them think twice next time they open their pretty mouths." Andrew Breitbart, publisher of Big Hollywood and author of the New York Times bestseller Righteous Indignation.

413-423 – Jason Mattera,

428-438 – Jason Mattera,

443-452 – Jason Mattera,

458-508 – Dr. John Townsend, (, psychologist, business consultant, speaker and author of over 20 books that together have sold over 5 million copies – including his 2-million-copy-best-seller Boundaries – and last year's follow-up Beyond Boundaries: Learning to Trust Again in Relationships (2011).  Dr. Townsend can be heard weekdays here on KKLA at 2:00pm as one of the co-hosts of New Life Live (  He also directs his excellent Leadership Coaching Program out of Newport Beach, using the principles in his book Leadership Beyond Reason: How Great Leaders Succeed by Harnessing The Power of Their Values, Feelings, and Intuition

• John's latest book is How to be a Best Friend Forever: Making and Keeping Lifetime Relationships (2012).

• Today we talk about dealing with the range of emotions associated with the Trayvon Martin shooting.

512-523 – Dr. John Townsend,

TH 523 – Don Rohde @ Galpin Ford (818) 262-2092 (  For the past 39 years, Don's been sales manager at Galpin.  "Go see why they're the #1 volume Ford dealer in the world for the past 22 consecutive years!"

528-539 – Dr. John Townsend,

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LINER – What is the role of the pastor in politics?  See Dr. Robert Jeffress, host of Pathway to Victory, heard weekdays at 3pm and 10:30pm on 99.5 FM, as he debates this topic on the O'Reilly show tonight on the Fox News Channel at 8pm.

612-623 – Calls

628-639 – BO Ted Smith, Deputy District Attorney for San Bernardino County and former Chairman of the African-American Caucus of the California Democratic Party from 1999 to 2007, weighs in on the Trayvon Martin Shooting with excellent insight.

644-654 – BO Ted Smith,


Like many other individuals and institutions in the entertainment and athletic realms, NASCAR driver Blake Koch is involved in a campaign aimed at educating fans on the importance of voting in U.S. elections.

Koch has teamed up with his sponsor, the Rise Up and Register campaign, in an effort to inspire greater political efficacy. But in an interview on "FOX & Friends," Koch explained that an television ad he appeared in for the campaign never aired, as he alleges that ESPN rejected it based on purported political and religious overtones.

Koch told host Brian Kilmeade that ESPN relayed a message that the ad was pulled because of the religious undertones on his own web site. But the race-car driver reiterated that his ad was only intended to register one million people to vote. The effort, Koch said, wasn't tied to any party or candidate. Below, see the clip in question (notice that faith and partisan politics aren't mentioned):

"I didn't think that my faith in Christ would have an impact on whether or not a sponsor could air a commercial or not," he said, going on to say that he's undeterred. "The one thing I will not do is deny my faith just because a particular sponsor might not like the way I express my faith, which I do on my own time."

(:52) Blake Koch Ad, "Rise Up and Register," Rejected by ESPN.

• Fox News (3/29/2012) Police video of Trayvon Martin's killer the 'smoking gun,' lawyer says.

• Heather MacDonald (NRO, 3/29/2012) The Media and Black Homicide Victims. — Heather Mac Donald is a contributing editor of City Journal and the author of Are Cops Racist?

• Robert VerBruggen (NRO, 3/29/2012) Vigilantes for Trayvon?  — Robert VerBruggen is an associate editor of National Review. Twitter: @RAVerBruggen.

• Victor Davis Hanson (NRO, 3/29/2012) 10 Things That We've Learned from the Trayvon Martin Tragedy.