Monday, March 26, 2012

400-408 – Ray Comfort, best-selling author of more than 60 books, countless tracts, and numerous videos, and co-host (with Kirk Cameron) of the award-winning television program The Way of the Master.  Perhaps his best work is his 180 Movie, showing people doing intellectual 180's – going from pro-choice to pro-life – in mere seconds by asking people to complete the sentence "It's okay to kill a baby in the womb when…" (, and  As of 3/26/2012, it's had over 2.7 million online views, and been translated into 19 languages.  Ray's new book Hitler, God, and the Bible just came out.

• "Ray, were your ears burning on Thursday night?  I spoke at the fundraising dinner for the Pregnancy Resource Center of the San Fernando Valley on Thursday night and mentioned that everyone should go to and learn from it."  Thank you Deby Harvey.  

413-423 – Ken Timmerman, investigative reporter, witness to the persecuted church, president of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran (, bestselling author, and now candidate for Congress from the 8th District in Maryland, against Nancy Pelosi supporter Chris Van Hollen (,  Ken was also the guy who interviewed the three Iranian defectors in the federal court case in New York in December that has found Iran responsible for 911 (  The Arab Spring has become the Islamist Winter.  Today, we start our overview of the Middle East with Turkey.

428-438 – Ken Timmerman

443-452 – Paul Karpf, Founder and CEO of Financial Recovery USA (, 877-995-55-52).  Call before 8pm tonight and Paul will make sure you get a free consultation with one of his counselors. He only has a limited number of appointments available, but if you call before 8pm and mention "The Frank Pastore Show" he'll make sure you can get the appointment. Call right now, 877-995-55-52.

458-508 – Jay Richards, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Wealth, Poverty, and Morality at the Discovery Institute (, and visiting scholar at the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics in Washington (, has a dual-track Ph.D. from Princeton in both philosophy and theology, and he's the author of a wonderful Christian defense of capitalism entitled Money, Greed, And God:  Why Capitalism Is The Solution And Not The Problem (browse) – now in paperback!  His latest book, co-authored with James Robison, just came out entitled Indivisible: Restoring Faith, Family and Freedom Before It's Too Late (Amazon).  Today, we first talk about creating wealth in the third world, and second, about how to reduce poverty in America.

512-523 – Jay Richards

528-539 – Calls – Do you like the idea of "self-appointed" Neighborhood Watch captains like George Zimmerman?  Why not neighborhood-elected?  According to the Neighborhood Watch Manual, you're not supposed to carry weapons or pursue vehicles.  Zimmerman was carrying a weapon, and the 911 dispatcher told him not to pursue Trayvon Martin on foot.  Does it matter to you that:  Zimmerman had "mentored" two black children in the past?  That there had been a rash of break-ins in the community?  That Zimmerman wanted to be a cop?  That he had called 911 46 times in the past year?  That Zimmerman was 5'9" and Martin was 6'3"?  That Zimmerman may have said "coon" instead of "goon"?  That an unnamed eyewitness says Martin attacked Zimmerman?  Like Geraldo Rivera, are you suspicious of hoodies?  Who was screaming, Zimmerman or Martin?  Why didn't the cops do a toxicology exam on Zimmerman, or impound his car, or talk to Martin's girlfriend who was on the phone with him?  Do we know what we don't know?  The Grand Jury is April 10th.  

544-554 – • ABC News (3/26/2012) Trayvon Martin Case: Timeline of Events.

(:30) Zimmerman 911 Call.

• NY Daily News (3/24/2012) The new Black Panther Party offered a bounty of $10,000 Saturday for the "capture" of a Florida neighborhood watch captain.

The new Black Panther Party offered a bounty of $10,000 Saturday for the "capture" of a Florida neighborhood watch captain who killed unarmed teen Trayvon Martin.

"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," leader Mikhail Muhammad said after announcing the reward for George Zimmerman at a protest in Sanford, Fla.

Muhammad called on 5,000 black men to mobilize and capture the neighborhood watch volunteer.

"If the government won't do the job, we'll do it," Muhammad said, leading chants that included "freedom or death" and "justice for Trayvon."

Muhammad said New Black Panther's chairman, Malik Zulu Shabaz of Washington, was taking donations from black entertainers and athletes.

The group hopes to collect $1 million off the outrage by next week.

New Black Panthers members pointed to what they called the inaction of government officials — from Sanford city officials up to the governor — and accused them of lying and delaying justice.

They also said Angela Corley, the newly appointed special prosecutor, was an enemy of the black community.

"She has a track record of sending innocent young black men and women to prison," Muhammad said.

The Southern Poverty Law Center calls the New Black Panther Party, a black-separatist group created in 1989, "virulently racist and anti-Semitic."

Martin, who is African-American, was wearing a hoodie and carrying a pack of Skittles and an ice tea on the night of Feb. 26. He was heading back to his father's fiancé's townhouse.

Zimmerman, 28, called 911 to report a suspicious person in the gated community and followed the teen despite the dispatcher's request that he stand down.

Zimmerman said he shot Martin in self-defense. Zimmerman's family says he is Hispanic and race was not an issue.

A Florida man was also charged Friday with threatening to kill Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee and his family.

Lee temporarily stepped down as chief over the case.

Trayvon's mom said she was having a hard time realizing that her son's not coming home, People magazine reported Saturday.

"I look at every door and think, he's just going to walk through it any minute," Sybrina Fulton told the magazine."I just want to see him again, but I can't.

"He's in heaven, looking down at me."


In the latest of several eyewitness reports from the Trayvon Martin shooting, a woman named Mary Cutcher has come forward.

In an interview airing on Dateline Sunday, Cutcher said that she and her roommate ran outside after hearing the shot.  Then, they saw George Zimmerman holding Trayvon Martin's face on the ground.  "He never tried to help," she said.

Cutcher's account paints a drastically different picture than that of another eyewitness who came forward yesterday.  The individual, who prefers to remain unnamed, claims that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman before he was shot.  Joe Oliver, George Zimmerman's longtime friend, has also been appearing on television programs to say that Zimmerman is not a racist, but cannot stop crying and is afraid for his life.

New reports from the New York Post are also shedding light on Zimmerman's character.  The Post writes that Zimmerman wanted to join the police force, but didn't make it.  Instead he "played the part" in his community, "[calling] the police at least 46 times within the last year – many of those times [to] report 'suspicious' African-Americans within the subdivision."

Trayvon Martin's shooting has caused mass outrage throughout the nation.

Jesse Jackson spoke to a crowd of 1,600 at a Baptist Church in Eatonville, Florida Sunday, where he asked, "How do we go from a moment to a movement that creates fundamental change?  If it's a moment, we go home. If it's a movement, we go to war."

He continued by saying "there is power in the blood of the innocent" and compared Trayvon Martin's death to Emmett Till's in 1955. "Blacks are under attack," he said.

The Daily Mail continues:

On Saturday, protesters gathered in New York bolstered by campaigners from Occupy Wall Street, and marched from Zuccotti Park to Union Square, with many activists dressed in hoodies to represent the clothes Martin was wearing when he was shot dead by George Zimmerman.  [...]

Meanwhile, the Rev Al Sharpton said today that activists are planning a 'wave of civil disobedience.'

Speaking outside of his New York City headquarters today, Rev Sharpton said that it is important to show 'sustained indignation' over Martin's death.

He also appeared on the Today show this morning and said that the legal system failed Trayvon Martin and his family.

558-608 – Calls –

612-623 – Calls –

628-639 – Calls –

• Orlando Sentinel (3/26/2012) Police: Zimmerman says Trayvon decked him with one blow then began hammering his head.

644-654 – Calls – 

• Heather MacDonald (NRO, 3/25/2012) Why Manipulate the Tragedy of Trayvon Martin?

• Tina Susman (LAT, 3/25/2012) Trayvon Martin case: Shooter may have expected it to 'blow over'.

• ABC News (3/25/2012) Trayvon Martin Killing: George Zimmerman's Attorney and Friend Speak Out.

• ABC News (3/26/2012) Trayvon Martin Killing Lead Prosecutor Says George Zimmerman Could Walk.

• NY Daily News (3/24/2012) Geraldo Rivera's son: I'm 'ashamed' of my father's remarks about Trayvon Martin and his hoodie. Rivera created a firestorm earlier this week when he argued the hoodie the unarmed teen chose to wear when he was killed in Florida was as much to blame for his death as the man that shot him.


• NRO Editors (3/26/2012) The Constitution vs. Obamacare.

• NRO Symposium (3/26/2012) Can Religious Freedom Be Saved?