Wednesday, December 28, 2011

400-408 – Harmony Dust is a former exotic dancer who now runs a ministry to those in the sex industry called Treasures (, right here in Los Angeles, out of Oasis Church ( with pastors Philip & Holly Wagner.  Their drop-in hours at their Sherman Oaks offices are on Fridays from noon to 3pm, and their spiritual formation group meetings are on Tuesday nights at 7pm.  She also mentors those in the Strip Club Ministry all over the country and Canada, get more information at Harmony went on to earn a Masters in Social Work from UCLA.  Her book is entitled Scars and Stilettos: The Transformation of an Exotic Dancer.  She has a three-year-old daughter, Johnnyella.  

413-423 – Harmony Dust, What's a night of ministry in the clubs look like?

423 – Looking for some fun stuff for you and your family to do? Check out the cool events posted on our Community Calendar over at

428-438 – Harmony Dust, How did Oasis become "home"?

443-452 – Harmony Dust, What would you tell a 15-year old Harmony?

458-508 – Sean McDowell, (, "Worldview Ministries"), one of the best young apologists in the country, head of the Bible department at Capistrano Valley Schools, and author of over 15 books including his latest project entitled Godquest, a DVD-based, 6-week curriculum for the whole church, that over 2,000 churches are already using.

512-523 – Sean McDowell, How do we respond to the New Atheism (i.e., Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens)?

528-539 – Sean McDowell, The New Atheists assert the world would be a better place without religion, yet the claim itself is parasitic, for the very things that would make the world "better" (in their opinion), things like equality, justice, fairness, liberty, etc., are things that only emerge from within the Christian worldview, and they are fundamentally rooted in the Imago Dei.  You don't get "universal human rights" without a "universal" moral code, i.e., Christianity.

544-554 – Sean McDowell, What about the genocide charge against Yahweh in the Old Testament?

558-608 – Jennifer Walsh, Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and professor of political science at APU (, weighs in on the 2012 elections.

612-623 – Jennifer Walsh, Ron Paul's libertarianism, and isolationist foreign policy?

623 – Download a free Daily Devotional from your favorite KKLA teacher, maybe it's Chuck Swindoll, Alistair Begg, or Greg Laurie, by clicking on Program Guide over at

628-639 – Jennifer Walsh, Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) will not be running for re-election, likely flipping the state to the Republicans in 2012, and weakening the 53-47 Democrat majority going into the 2012 election.

644-654 – Jennifer Walsh, Judicial supremacy, Marbury v. Madison (1803), and "convention rules"?

• The Fiscal Times (12/27/2011) 8 Outrageously Flawed Economic Predictions.

• Fox DC (12/27/2011) Bill Maher Draws Ire with Profane Tweet About Tebow:  "Wow, Jesus just [expletive] #TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere ... Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler "Hey, Buffalo's killing them."

• Washington Times (12/27/2011) MF Global chief missing $1.2B is financial adviser to EPA.

• Tiffany Jones Miller (NRO, 12/27/2011) The Refounding of America. – Tiffany Jones Miller is an associate professor of politics at the University of Dallas.

• Fred Barnes (WSJ, 12/28/2011) The GOP's Answer to Union Money: Achieving parity with the Democrats in campaign spending would be no small feat. Yet it appears possible.  – Mr. Barnes is executive editor of the Weekly Standard and a commentator on Fox News Channel.