Tuesday, December 6, 20111

Today we're partnering with the ministry of Angel Tree, providing Christmas gifts to children – but not just any children, the children of inmates.  And not just any gifts, gifts that come from mommy or daddy, while they're in prison.  Allowing parents to reconnect with their children, creating that powerful and priceless moment when the child is overwhelmed with the joy of "My mommy or daddy remembered me at Christmas."  Volunteers who deliver the gifts get a chance to share the greatest gift of all with the families, Jesus Christ, and then connecting them with a local church family.  Everybody wins!  But, it all starts with the gift you provide.

A gift of $63 provides Christmas gifts to 10 children! – thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor who is matching every gift today.  And, with your gift of $63, you'll receive an Angel Tree Christmas ornament.

For your gift of $126, you'll not only provide Christmas gifts for 20 children, but you'll also receive a copy of Prison Fellowship's coffee-table book HOPE.

To help, call 855-502-6435(855-50-ANGEL)

Angel Tree Fast Facts – Founded by inmate Mary Kay Beard who was heartbroken watching other moms anguish about Christmas gifts for their kids.  Angel Tree has been partnering with local churches since 1982.  Last year, in 2010, 373,887 kids got gifts from their incarcerated parents thanks to Angel Tree… but that still leaves over 1.3 million children of incarcerated parents who didn't get a gift from their mom or dad.  But, we can help to change that.  The average age of an Angel Tree child is 8 years old.  52% of these kids saw their parent get arrested.

Portions of today's program brought to you by Prison Fellowship.

400-408 – Joe Avila is today an Executive Director with Prison Fellowship, but back in 1992, he was a successful businessman in Fresno with a beautiful wife and two daughters, active in his community, and … he was an alcoholic with 5 DUI's on his record.  On September 18, 1992, while once again driving drunk, Joe plowed his pickup into the rear of a car driven by a 17-year-old high-school honor student and cheerleader named Amy Wall, killing her and severely injuring her classmate passenger. Joe fled the scene but was arrested a few hours later at his home.  Joe got a 12-year sentence, but was paroled on January 6, 1999, after serving only seven and a half years.  

Joe came to Christ before serving his sentence, and was blessed to see not only his wife Mary join him, but his two young daughters as well, Elizabeth and Grace (then 14 and 8).

Angel Tree has been a big part of their family's lives., Joe Avila's Story: LIFE-CHANGING EVENTS CAN TAKE YEARS. OR A SPLIT SECOND.

413-423 – (:18) 3 AT Kids only dry forward.  Joe Avila

428-438 –  [DO LEGAL ID] (:18) 4 AT Kids only dry backwards. Joe Avila.

443-452 – (:40) 5 AT Kids and CC dry. Tease Chuck.  Joe Avila

(11:06) 458-508 – (:28) 1 AT 30 second promo w/music. Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries ( and the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview (, and today we talk about the ministry of Angel Tree.  

(10:27) 512-523 – (:28) 2 AT 30 second promo w/music. Chuck Colson

To help, call 855-502-6435(855-50-ANGEL)