Tuesday, December 20, 2011

400-408 – Kathleen Herren, co-owner of American Vision Windows (, along with her husband Bill, talks about their support of the ministry Forever Found ( in Simi Valley, which funds those who rescue and restore the victims of human trafficking and child prostitution by supporting Christian aftercare homes. Kathleen is making bows to support Forever Found. Shannon Sergey & Megan Wilmarth were in India and Ethiopia in the summer, where they witnessed families selling their children as slaves, and young girls reluctantly remaining in prostitution while they wait for a spot to open up in a safe house.

Every minute, 2 children are trafficked for sexual exploitation somewhere in the world.

200,000 American youths have been forced into the sex trafficking industry in the United States alone.

Human trafficking is a $32 billion criminal business, $28 billion is generated through commercial sexual exploitation.

Human trafficking is tied with illegal weapons sales for the second largest criminal industry in the world, behind drugs.

Human trafficking is the fasting growing illegal industry in the world.

413-423 – Kathleen Herren & Megan Wilmarth 

428-438 – (2:41) Christmas Miracle Story. (NBC's TODAY Show, 12/20/2011, Janet Shamlian reports on the Christmas miracle of Elisa and Nathan Bond.)

• MSNBC (12/20/2011) Holiday surprise for two parents with cancer.

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443-452 – Calls – What's your "God, I want to thank you for…" story of 2011?  What prayer did He answer, or what miracle did He deliver?  What was your spiritual highlight of 2011?  Let's also do some simple prayer requests – what do you need prayer for right now?

458-508 – Jim Reeve, ("Dr. J") founding-senior pastor of Faith Community Church in West Covina ( (Badillo, east of Vincent), which has grown from a handful of people in 1980 to over 10,000 in weekly attendance.  He and his wife Marguerite have been married 39 years, and celebrate have three grown children, two daughters in law, a son in law, and six grandchildren.  His TV ministry, Balanced Living, airs weekly.  

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512-523 – Jim Reeve, Gush on your church!

528-539 – Jim Reeve, What do you look for when you hire staff?   Loyalty, Capability, Maturity.

544-554 – Jim Reeve, The joy of grandparenthood?

558-608 – Ted Smith, Deputy District Attorney for San Bernardino County and former Chairman of the African-American Caucus of the California Democratic Party from 1999 to 2007.

612-623 – Ted Smith

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628-639 – Ted Smith

644-654 – Ted Smith