Tuesday, November 8, 2011

400-408 – Darin Drabing, president of Forest Lawn Memorial Parks and Mortuaries (, 855-88 HONOR), continues the vision of founder Hubert Eaton to create "a place for the living to celebrate life" that meets the "memorial impulse," and to do so from a uniquely Christian perspective.  Today we talk about how to select a cemetery, the option of cremation for Christians, the importance of having a meaningful funeral service for the family, and their non-profit and community activities.

413-423 – Darin Drabing,

428-438 – Nancy Pearcey, editor of The Pearcey Report (, and a professor at Rivendell Christian Junior College in Minneapolis, is on the short list of the best evangelical minds in America.  She was the founding editor of Chuck Colson's "Breakpoint," and for nine years was executive editor of the program, authoring more than 1,000 commentaries herself.  She's written several books, including her wonderful The Soul of Science, her How Now Shall We Live?, and her Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity which won the 2005 ECPA Gold Medallion award.  She's out with her latest Saving Leonardo: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault in Mind, Morals, & Meaning

• Summit Ministries, Worldview Chart.

443-452 – Nancy Pearcey

Today, we talk about the fallout from Michele Bachman citing Nancy's book Total Truth as one of the greatest influences on her thinking, and why family breakdown is the root cause of poverty.

• Bill Keller (Executive Editor of the NYT, 8/25/2011) Asking Candidates Tougher Questions About Faith.

• Nancy Pearcey (Human Events, 9/8/2011) Suspicious Minds: Tougher Questions for Bill Keller & The New York Times.

458-508 – Nancy Pearcey, 

512-523 – Nancy Pearcey

528-539 – Nancy Pearcey,

544-554 – Nancy Pearcey,

558-608 – Journalism students from Biola University went to the Dominican Republic last spring to learn the hopes and dreams of the Dominican people, and they're sharing those stories in a new book The Dominican Dream: A Passion for Baseball, A Love for Family, and a Hope for the Future.  Unemployment is 30% for those 15-24, forcing them into crime, drugs, prostitution… or baseball – over 600 Major Leaguers have come from the DR.  

Joining us are Lydia Ness, a senior visual journalism major, who served as the writer, Job Ang, also a senior visual journalism major, who served as the photographer.

608 – The FREE Line In The Sand event is coming to the Rose Bowl, Saturday, November 11th, pre-register at

612-623 – Lydia Ness & Job Ang.  

628-639 – Lydia Ness & Job Ang

644-654 – Lydia Ness & Job Ang

• WSJ (11/8/2011) Student Body Left: The President wants everyone in college on Uncle Sam's dime.

• Noel Sheppard (Newsbusters, 11/7/2011) Networks Run More Cain 'Scandal' Stories in a Week Than They Did Obama's Ties to Ayers, Rezko or Wright.  The Big Three networks ran more stories on the Herman Cain scandal in the past week (84), than they ran on Barack Obama's relationships with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, convicted real estate developer Tony Rezko, or the American-hating Jeremiah Wright in the 20-month period leading up to the election (82).