Tuesday, October 18, 2011

400-408 – Lt. General Tom McInerney (bio) retired as the Assistant Vice Chief of Staff for the USAF, and Major General Paul Vallely (bio) retired as the Deputy Commanding General of the Pacific for the US Army, they are both now military analysts for Fox News, and together they co-authored Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror (Amazon).  Today we talk about what victory looks like against the ideology of radical Islam.  Their website,

• DEBKA (10/17/2011) Big US airlift drill starts Monday.  There are now two carrier battle groups within striking range of Iran, the USS George W. Bush carrier group, and the USS John C. Stennis carrier group.  Each with between 8-12 additional warships and Air Wing support.

413-423 – • BBC (10/18/2011) Gilad Shalit freed in Israeli-Palestinian prisoner swap.  Over 200,000 supporters gathered in Gaza City to celebrate the return of over 1,027 Palestinian prisoners, most of them terrorists, criminals and murderers, returned in exchange for one Israeli soldier, tank crewman Sgt. Gilad Shalit, captured by Palestinians who illegally tunneled into Israel in June 2006.  In the deal, 477 Palestinians were returned today, and 550 will be freed next month.

423 – Take a stand for Christ at the Line In The Sand event on Saturday, November 11th, at the Rose Bowl from 11am-9pm.  It's free, but pre-register at

428-438 – Calls – Did Stacie do the right thing?  Ladies, what would you do?  How neat for Stacie to have her brother Ray agree to raise her daughter Dottie?  Have any of you been close to a situation like this? 

• Fox News (10/18/2011) Oklahoma Mother Reportedly Refused Cancer Treatment So Child Could Survive.

Stacie Crimm made the ultimate sacrifice -- and she got her dying wish. As doctors and nurses wearing protective gear looked on last month, the 41-year-old mom got to hold her newborn daughter.

Three days later, Crimm died. But her baby girl, Dottie Mae, is alive, because her mom refused the cancer-fighting treatments that might have saved her life -- and that she feared would risk the life of her unborn child. 

Crimm, of Ryan, Okla., "laughed and cried all at once" when she discovered in March that she was pregnant, because she had been told she would never be able to have children, her brother Ray Phillips told 

// Last week, Phillips fulfilled his promise to his sister by taking home a healthy 5-pound girl to live with his wife and the girl's four new siblings.

443-452 – Calls – "God, I want to thank you for…"

458-508 – Calls – "God, I want to thank you for…"

512-523 – Calls – "God, I want to thank you for…"

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528-539 – Calls – "God, I want to thank you for…"

544-554 – Dudley Rutherford, senior pastor of Shepherd of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch (, heard Sunday mornings on KKLA at 9:00am, one of the four speakers at our upcoming IMPACT 2011 Conference at APU on November 1.  It's free, but pre-register at, or by calling (888) 799-4999.

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558-608 – Jay Richards, Senior Fellow and Director of Research at the Discovery Institute (, and a contributing editor for the Journal of the American Enterprise Institute at, has two earned Ph.D.s from Princeton, one in philosophy and the other in theology, and he's the author of a wonderful Christian defense of capitalism entitled Money, Greed, And God:  Why Capitalism Is The Solution And Not The Problem (browse) – now in paperback!  Today, Jay responds to the Occupy Wall Street protests organized by the SEIU and ACORN back in March, and some of the evident themes, e.g., "people over profits," and "God hates inequality." (10/7/2011) VIDEO EXPOSING HOW 'OCCUPY WALL STREET' WAS ORGANIZED FROM DAY ONE BY SEIU/ACORN FRONT – THE WORKING FAMILY PARTY, AND HOW THEY ALL TIE TO THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION, DNC, DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS OF AMERICA, TIDES AND GEORGE SOROS.  Who's really behind the "spontaneous" Occupy Wall Street park-ins now plaguing 80 cities in this country, that began with the Day of Rage on September 17th?  This whole thing was planned months ago by Stephen Lerner, anti-capitalist and union agitator who sits on the International Executive Board of the SEIU, and ACORN founder Wade Rathke, who was president of the SEIU in New Orleans.  It's all part of an anti-banking jihad that hopes to bring down the stock market, a new financial collapse, and eventually the global end of capitalism.  Lerner had reportedly visited the White House four times before this all started.  Lerner has been called an "economic terrorist."  There's lots of YouTube videos of him.

629 – Win a signed copy of David Jeremiah's new book I Never Thought I'd See The Day: Culture at the Crossroads by registering at, and catch Turning Point weekdays at 11am.

612-623 – Jay Richards, Jay lays out the birth of the financial instrument that replaced gold coins, then the birth of banking, insurance, loans & interest, then the birth of capital, investors, shareholders and finally markets.

639Pastors and Church Leaders!  Learn to increase the impact of your church at our IMPACT 2011 CONFERENCE coming up November 1st at APU, with guest speakers Jim Reeves, Dudley Rutherford, Steve Mays and J.P. Jones.  It's free, but pre-register at, or by calling (888) 799-4999.

628-639 – Jay Richards,

644-654 – Jay Richards,