Friday, October 14, 2011

Coming to you live from the campus of Biola University for the grand opening of the new 30,000 sq. ft. Talbot School of Theology building, earlier today was the big ceremony, and I was privileged to be a part of it.  Biola was started in 1908, opened their 6th and Hope facility in 1913, Talbot started in 1952, Biola moved to La Mirada in 1959, and now continues as a world-class Christian University – theologically conservative and distinctively evangelical.

Talbot is launching a Faculty Lecture Series coming to a church near you, go to for more info.

1100-1110 – (:54) Charles Feinberg, the first Dean of Talbot, at the dedication of Myers Hall (1962).

Dennis Dirks (Legacy) is retiring after serving as the Dean of Talbot School of Theology for almost 20 years.  His personal expertise is in Christian higher education, spiritual development, and teaching theory and leadership methods in the church. 

1115-1125 – Judy TenElshof (Women in Ministry) is Professor of Spirituality and Marriage & Family for the Institute for Spiritual Formation and Christian Ministry and Leadership. She's a teacher and conference speaker who helps families in ministry to foster relationships with God and others.  She's also the Founder and Vice President of Hilltop Renewal Center for Christian leaders, and author of several books on parenting and family ministry. 

1130-1140 – Walt Russell (Inerrancy) is a Professor of Bible Exposition at Talbot, with expertise in exegesis, hermeneutics, and New Testament theology, especially as they relate to world evangelism and the spiritual growth of the church.  Walt has an extensive background in collegiate ministries, university teaching, and the pastorate, having planted two successful churches. Walt has written several books, including Playing with Fire: How the Bible Ignites Change in Your Soul and is currently working on a book entitled Equipping the Saints.

1145-1155 – John Coe (Spiritual Formation) is the Director of Biola's Institute for Spiritual Formation and Professor of Philosophy and Spiritual Theology.  His latest book is entitled Wild Life in the Kingdom Come, and he's currently working on his next book God Seems Absent.

1200-1210 – (3:40) The Talbot "Historical Convictions" piece (high-res for radio). Entering Talbot's 60th year, the institution has remained faithful to its founding roots. Biola alumnus and missionary, Dick Hillis (1957, at ground breaking ceremony), shares his hope for the world which is still true of the hope Talbot has today.

1215-1225 – Fred Sanders (Talbot Heritage) is an Associate Professor at Biola's Torrey Honors Institute – a systematic theologian who has taught classical Christian doctrine at Biola for the past 12 years. He's authored 3 books, his most recent being Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective.

1230-1240 – (2:38) The Miracle of May piece (high-res for radio) Today, Biola President Barry Corey announced the building was fully funded.  Back in May, the funding to start construction was actually a miracle. Let's listen in to how the story unfolds.

1245 −1255 – David Nystrom (Transformation) is Senior Vice President and Provost of Biola University.  It's his job to work with Biola's academic administrators, deans, and faculty to strengthen all of the university's academic programs, and to maintain Biola's position among the top academic institutions of Christian higher education globally.

100-110 – Mike Wilkins (Truth & Testimony) Distinguished Professor of New Testament Language and Literature, and he's the Dean of Faculty at Talbot.  He's been involved at Biola since his days as an undergrad.  He's authored several books, and is currently working on a commentary for the Gospel of Mark.

115-125 Gregg TenElshof (Biola's Center for Christian Thought) an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Biola and Director of Biola's new Center for Christian Thought.  His areas of expertise are metaphysics, epistemology, modern philosophy, and Confucianism.  His most recent book is entitled I Told Me So: Self-Deception and the Christian Life

145-155 – Barry Corey (Biblical Fidelity) has served as president of Biola University since 2007, and he currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities

155-205Scott Rae (Truth) is the chair of the department of Philosophy of Religion and Ethics at Talbot.  Scott's expertise are in the area of medical ethics and business ethics, dealing with the application of Christian ethics to medicine and the marketplace.  He's authored 10 books, including The Ethics of Commercial Surrogate Motherhood, Moral Choices: An Introduction to Ethics, and Body and Soul: Human Nature and the Crisis in Ethics. Next week he'll be concluding the Talbot Faculty Lecture Series on the church and society at Rolling Hills Covenant Church on Oct. 18.