Wednesday, August 31, 2011

400-408 – Sandi Patti, is a legend in Christian music, she's won 5 Grammy awards, won more Gospel Music Dove Awards than any other female, and sold more than 11 million albums, and she's been inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame.  And she's in town next weekend!  "An Evening With Sandi Patty" will be held next Saturday night, September 10th at 7:30pm, at Vallejo Drive Church in Glendale.  Tickets are $23, get them online at, or by calling (877) 840-0457.   

413-423 – • National Journal (8/31/2011) TEXT: Obama's Letter to Boehner, Reid on Joint Session of Congress.

• National Journal (8/31/2011) PDF:  Speaker Boehner's Letter to Obama.

• National Journal (8/31/2011) Boehner Fires Back at Obama Over Scheduling of Jobs Speech.  

• Washington Times (8/31/2011) PICKET: Boehner to Obama on joint session date: No.

• Reuters (8/30/2011) Labor leaders must pay for parade if GOP banned, mayor says.  Wausau Mayor Jim Tipple draws an important line.

• Reuters (8/31/2011) GOP lawmakers can march in Wisconsin Labor Day parade.

428-438 – Calls – The Republican Presidential debate has been scheduled for months to take place next Wednesday night at the Reagan Library, but now President Obama wants to schedule his big Jobs Address – read "Campaign Kickoff Speech" – before a joint session of Congress for that night.  Speaker Boehner has told him to come on over on Thursday night, when most Americans will be watching the Packers and Saints kick off the NFL season.  So, jobs weren't a big enough priority for Obama to postpone his vacation to Martha's Vineyard, and now it has to be this night?  What should the Republicans do?  Change the debate?  Postpone the debate so they can respond in unison against Obama? Boycott his congressional address?  What do you think should be done?

• Fox News (8/31/2011) Boehner Urges Obama to Reschedule Jobs Speech Amid Conflict With GOP Debate.

// Andrea Saul, spokeswoman for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, said in a statement that viewers will have a choice between "Republican candidates talking about the future of America, or Barack Obama talking about the future of his presidency."

443-452 – Calls

458-508 – •• Fox News (8/30/2011) Seattle Green Jobs Program Gets $20M, Creates 14 Posts.  What do you think is really going on here? [The stimulus only stimulated government jobs, the monies were distributed to the states to pay government employees knowing their dues will pad the Democrat Party's war chest for the upcoming elections, the big gifts were to democratic districts to support their re-election.  This was all about using federal money to fund Democrat incumbents.

A green jobs program in one of America's greenest cities is being called a bust 16 months after a $20 million federal grant to weatherize homes in Seattle ended up putting just 14 people to work in mostly administrative jobs and upgrading only three homes in the area.

"The jobs are not there," Todd Myers, who wrote the book "Eco Fads," told Fox News. "So we're training people for jobs that don't exist."

Seattle is not alone. The Department of Energy has allocated $508 million to 41 states for its Better Buildings Neighborhood Program and 600 jobs have been created or retained. //

512-523 – Calls

528-539 – • Rich Lowry (NRO, 8/30/2011) The Anti-Science Smear: Liberals embrace the rhetoric of science, but not its cautious and dispassionate reasoning.

•• Jonah Goldberg (NRO, 8/30/2011) Re: The Anti-Science Smear.

// Why does the Left get to pick which issues are the benchmarks for "science"? Why can't the measure of being pro-science be the question of heritability of intelligence? Or the existence of fetal pain? Or the distribution of cognitive abilities among the sexes at the extreme right tail of the bell curve? Or if that's too upsetting, how about dividing the line between those who are pro- and anti-science along the lines of support for geoengineering? Or — coming soon — the role cosmic rays play in cloud formation? Why not make it about support for nuclear power? Or Yucca Mountain? Why not deride the idiots who oppose genetically modified crops, even when they might prevent blindness in children? //

544-554 – •• Michael Malone (WSJ, 8/31/2011) Steve Jobs and the Death of the Personal Computer: Even Hewlett-Packard is out of the game.

558-608 – Wesley J. Smith, is both an attorney and a bioethicist, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, and his Second Hand Smoke blog is available at First Things (  His latest is A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy: The Human Cost of Animal Rights.  Today we talk about the new effort to improve human morality, through something we can call "Better Morals Through Chemistry."  We also touch on the latest with the "rights of nature" movement and wacko environmentalism, and the other attacks on human exceptionalism – which, of course, is the Big Idea under assault.

• Wesley J. Smith (8/14/2011) "Moral Enhancement" to Feminize Hitler.

612-623 – Wesley J. Smith, 

628-639 – Wesley J. Smith, 

644-654 – Wesley J. Smith Economics.

• Michael Tanner (NRO, 8/31/2011) Yes, It Is a Ponzi Scheme.  In fact, Social Security is a bit worse than that.

• Victor Davis Hanson (NRO, 8/30/2011) A Vineyard Too Far: People who rail against "fat cats" shouldn't vacation with them.

• Jonathan Sacks (8/20/2011) Reversing the Decay of London Undone. Britain's chief rabbi on the moral disintegration since the 1960s and how to rebuild.