Friday, August 5, 2011

• Our big "Half Price Tuition at a Christian School" day is next Wednesday, August 10th.  Be listening right at 4pm when I give out the phone number, and be ready to put the full one-half tuition on your credit card that day, on August 10th, again right at 4pm, and if you get through, you'll be able to enroll your child in one of 9 great Christian schools this fall for half-off!  So, talk it over and see if this is a right fit for your family.  Go right now to and click the "Half Price School" link for school details and more info.

400-408 – Marco Peruzzi, CEO of Green Dot Schools (, talks about some of the problems at L.A. public schools and the advantages of attending a private school.  Green Dot will be opening four new schools this fall.

Steve Barr, was the founder of Green Dot Public Schools (, and they have a wonderful track record of transforming large public schools that are failing, into smaller cluster schools with amazing graduation rates.  Green Dot now operates 20 charter schools, including the much maligned Alain Leroy Locke High School in Watts.  As of today, 9 Green Dot schools have had graduating classes with the following cumulative results:  80% of Green Dot ninth graders graduated in four years, 76% of them were admitted to four-year universities, and almost all the rest have gone on to junior college.  What's the LAUSD graduation rate?  Just 47%!  Nationally, the bottom 5% of failing schools account for 50% of all dropouts.  

If you're ready to improve the education of your child, join the parent revolution to transform your public school by signing up at, and invoke the new 51% "Parent Trigger" to help transform your failing public school.

413-423 – Marco Peruzzi,

428-438 – Glenn Stanton, Director of Global Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family (, speaks extensively on the issues of gender, sexuality, marriage and parenting on campuses around the country, and even served in the Bush #43 administration working to improve fatherhood in the Head Start program.  He's contributed to nine books and authored four books: 1) Why Marriage Matters: Reasons to Believe in Marriage in Postmodern Society (1997), 2) My Crazy Imperfect Christian Family (2004), 3) Marriage on Trial: The Case Against Same-Sex Marriage and Parenting (2004), and his latest Secure Daughters, Confident Sons: How Parents Guide Their Children into Authentic Masculinity and Femininity (2011).  His forthcoming book will be Not Quite Married (Moody Press), explaining the latest scientific findings, as well as the biblical wisdom, on why cohabitation is not a smart idea.  Glenn and Jacqueline have been married 29 years, and enjoy 5 kids under the age of 16.

• Bradley R.E. Wright (Christianity Today, 8/05/2011) Americans Like Evangelicals After All:  What they really think about evangelicals, and why we worry about it.

443-452 – Glenn Stanton,

458-508 – (5:18) Damon Speech full. (7/30/2011 Save Our Schools March in Washington DC. Youtube link is here. Transcript is here.)

(:53) Damon speech 1.

(:48) Damon speech 2.

512-523 – (1:19) Damon speech 3.

(1:06) Damon speech 4.

(1:10) Damon speech 5.

(:27) Damon commentary after speech. (Link here about :50 seconds in. Cussword warning in video. Bleeped in audio for your button bar.)

528-539 – Calls – So, standardized testing:  yes or no?  Is it a good or bad indicator of student proficiency levels?

• Michelle Malkin (Fox News, 8/5/2011) Matt Damon's Silly Teacher Rant.

544-554 – Dr. Gerald Mitmann, Principal of Montrose Christian Montessori School (K-6) (, one of the participating schools in next week's Half Off Tuition At a Christian School Day on Wednesday, August 10th.

558-608 – Todd & Marielle Coconato, hosts of Hollywood Alive (, heard Saturday nights on KKLA from 6-7pm, talk about the current revival they see spreading in Hollywood right now.  Todd is a former drug dealer, and Marielle is a former "rave girl," and now, both of them serve the Lord in Hollywood:  Todd as a pastor, and Marielle as a young, Christian actress.  Interestingly, Marielle was Todd's first guest just six months ago!  And, they married on July 3rd!

612-623 – Todd & Marielle Coconato,

628-639 – Todd & Marielle Coconato,

644-656 – Todd & Marielle Coconato,

• LA Times (8/5/2011) A Holocaust survivor raised a fist to death.

• Charles Krauthammer (NRO, 8/5/2011) The Solution: A three-stage compromise to reduce the debt on a scale never before seen.

• Peggy Noonan (WSJ, 8/6/2011) The Power of Bad Ideas. What we've got here is far worse than a failure to communicate.

• Stephen Moore (WSJ, 8/5/2011) Tax Reform's Moment? Where else is the growth going to come from?

• WSJ Editorial (8/5/2011) The Global Rout.  The Keynesians have fired all their ammo and here we are.