Wednesday, July 27, 2011

• FYI – I'll be appearing on the Crystal Cathedral's Hour of Power this Saturday night on TBN Channel 40 at 6pm, and Sunday morning at 7am on KTLA Channel 5.

• YouTube (7/24/2011) Prager University "The Four Big Bangs" by Frank Pastore.  Hey, check out this really cool 5-minute video.  The Prager U team did a great job putting it all together!

• Dodgers' Faith & Family Day is Saturday July 30th, beginning at 545pm with a free concert in the parking lot by the Harvest Crusade Band, even with games and snow cones!  Tickets start as low as $8 dollars.  The game against the Diamondbacks starts at 710pm.  Preregister at

400-408 – (:55) Pastor Joe Nelms, of Family Baptist Church in Nashville, gives a "Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights" invocation at last Saturday night's Nationwide race in Nashville. (YouTube)

(:31) Will Farrel's prayer, as driver Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights.

• Fox News (7/25/2011) Pastor Defends Calling Wife 'Smokin' Hot' in Prayer Before NASCAR Race.

• Matt Crossman (Sporting News, 7/27/2011) Criticism of Nelms' prayer off-base.

413-423 – Calls – Whaddaya think?  Appropriate and awesome, or shameful and inappropriate?  Don't we all tailor our  out-loud prayers for the audience?  Don't we all pray differently depending on who's listening?  What's the point of prayer?  What's the point of an invocation?  I'm sure Joe Nelms would not pray this way at every event he's asked to invocate, but wasn't it clever, and hasn't it accomplished what he hoped to accomplish – to give something memorable?  And, ought he not to be thankful for all those things?

428-438 – Calls – 

443-452 – Calls –

458-508 – Calls – 

512-523 – Calls – 

528-539 – • TODAY NBC (7/27/2011) He's labeled a sex offender – for sleeping with his own wife.  They had sex when she was underage, now he's on public registry with pedophiles. Frank Rodriquez was 19, Nikki was 15, but the age of consent was 17, and Nikki's mom went to the cops to scare him off.  Calls: Should the law be changed? How about the boundaries surrounding the sex offender list? Would you let your kids play with this family?

544-554 – • Marie Claire (7/13/2011) The Accidental Sex Offender.  It was a classic teenage love story. He was a football star, and she was a cheerleader. They met, they fell in love, they started having sex. And then the cops got involved. Fifteen years later, they're still paying the price.

(2:25) Sex Offender TODAY 1 (7/27/2011).  The story of sex offender Frank Rodriguez, with his wife and the mother of their four children, Nikki.

(3:49) Sex Offender TODAY 2.

(:05) 1- Nikki- explain to kids

(:08) 2- Nikki- rest of your life?

(:25) 3- Frank- still dealing w/it.

(:11) 4- Nikki- explaining yourself.

(:11) 5- Nikki- neighbor.

558-608 – Mark Baker, Clinical Psychologist and Executive Director of La Vie Christian Counseling Centers (, KKLA Helpline (800) 801-5242) in Pasadena and Santa Monica, and author of the million-copy bestseller Jesus, The Greatest Therapist Who Ever Lived.  Hear Mark teach on emotional and spiritual growth at

612-623 – Mark Baker and calls –

628-639 – Mark Baker and calls – 

644-654 – Mark Baker and calls – 

• WSJ Editorial (7/27/2011) The GOP's Reality Test: Republicans who oppose Boehner's debt deal are playing into Obama's hands.

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