Friday, July 29, 2011

• FYI – I'll be appearing on the Crystal Cathedral's Hour of Power this Saturday night on TBN Channel 40 at 6pm, and Sunday morning at 7am on KTTV Channel 11, and on Lifetime at 8am.

• YouTube (7/24/2011) Prager University "The Four Big Bangs" by Frank Pastore.  Hey, check out this really cool 5-minute video.  The Prager U team did a great job putting it all together!

• Dodgers' Faith & Family Day is Saturday July 30th, beginning at 545pm with a free concert in the parking lot by the Harvest Crusade Band, even with games and snow cones!  Tickets start as low as $8 dollars.  The game against the Diamondbacks starts at 710pm.  Preregister at

400-408 – Greg Laurie, pastor of both Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside ( and Harvest Orange County in Irvine, and host of the Harvest Crusades coming to Angel Stadium August 12-14 (link), and Dodger Stadium September 10 (link).

• Greg and his wife Cathe have had two sons, Christopher (1975–2008 July 24) and Jonathan (1986).  And they have four grand daughters: Stella (2006) and Lucy (2008) from Christopher & Brittany, and Riley (2005) and Alexandra (2010) from Jonathan & Brittni.

413-423 – Greg Laurie.

BO 428-438 – Embracing unwed moms at church (3/15/2011)

BO 443-452 – Embracing unwed moms at church (3/15/2011)

BO 458-508 – Embracing unwed moms at church (3/15/2011)

BO 512-523 – Embracing unwed moms at church (3/15/2011)

BO 528-539 – Embracing unwed moms at church (3/15/2011)

BO 544-554 – Embracing unwed moms at church (3/15/2011)

558-608 – Meet the members of The Worship Factory (   founders Kempton Bryan and Rod Shreckengost, and host Monique Donnelly, who all attend Real Life Church in Valencia (   The Worship Factory airs Saturday nights on KKLA from 7-8pm, and is a show all about helping Christian "creatives" and artists network with and navigate through the mostly non-Christian music and entertainment worlds in Hollywood and LA.  They usually profile one Christian artist each week.  Once a month, there's an "invitation only" event for the Christian Artist community called "Third Tuesday" – which is a "no pitch zone."

612-623 – The Worship Factory

628-639 – The Worship Factory

644-654 – The Worship Factory