Friday, May 20, 2011

400-408 – George Houssney, is president of Horizons International and author of the new book, Engaging Islam (, in which he alerts Christians to the challenges and opportunities of reaching Muslims worldwide. Learn how to engage Muslims, understand them on a personal level, and gain an understanding of the role we have as Christians to boldly preach the gospel with conviction. Inspirational stories of transformation and personal testimonies will touch your heart and encourage you to engage Muslims like never before.

413-423 – George Houssney

428-438 – George Houssney 

443-452 – George Houssney

458-508 – Dr. Kevin Downing, co-founder of Turning Point Counseling (, 800-99-TODAY, 800-998-6329), along with his partner Dr. Peter Robbins, has trained over 500 professional Christian therapists over the past 28 years, and they operate offices on 40 church campuses throughout Southern California, each one providing Christ-centered marriage, family and individual counseling. 

Today, in light of Arnold's child-out-of-wedlock scandal, we talk about four types of affairs:  1) The One-Night Stand (David & Bathsheba);  2) The Emotionally Entangled Affair (Samson & Delilah);  3) The Sexually Addicted Affair (the Sons of Eli);  and 4) The Add-On Affair (Abraham & Hagar).  And, we talk about how to survive an affair.

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512-523 – Peter Robbins & Kevin Downing

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544-554 – Peter Robbins & Kevin Downing

558-608 – Calls – Is Judgment Day Tomorrow?  Harold Camping, 89,  founder of Family Radio, infamous for predicting the end of the world in September 1994, is at it again – this time, the Rapture and Judgment Day will be May 21, 2011, with the end of the world coming on October 21, 2011.  In We Are Almost There, he says on page 50, "The final five months of the earth's history begins on May 21, 2011, and will end on October 21, 2011."  Camping claims to know some exact dates.  The Flood was 5/21/4990BC, and since each day is a thousand years and God told Noah he would destroy the Earth in seven days, then 7,000 years from the flood would be tomorrow.  Also, he knows Jesus died on 4/1/0033, and 722,500 days from that date is, you guessed it, tomorrow.  He gets the 722,500 by multiplying then squaring three numbers, 5-17-10 – each one has spiritual significance (for Harold).

• (:56) Gunther Von Harringa 1 on the Michael Medved Show today, 5/20/2011.  He is the President of Bible Ministries International,, and E-bible fellowship.  Could Harold be wrong?

• (1:44) Gunther Von Harringa 2 on the Michael Medved Show today, 5/20/2011.  Aren't you worried you're going to make the Bible look bad?

• (3:08) Gunther Von Harringa 3 on the Michael Medved Show today, 5/20/2011.  What's going to happen tomorrow?  The graves will be opened up (you'll see bodies flying up out of cemeteries), beginning at 6pm on the International Date line near New Zealand, and successively at 6pm in each time zone.  Billions of carcasses will be strewn on the Earth.

612-623 – • (2:46) Gunther Von Harringa 4 on the Michael Medved Show today, 5/20/2011.  Are you preparing a Sunday morning speech, "our efforts have averted God's wrath, that's why it didn't happen." … It all won't start until the last person comes to Christ, maybe at 5:59pm near the International Date Line? … There will be global destruction.

• (:53) Gunther Von Harringa 5 on the Michael Medved Show today, 5/20/2011.  Have you sold your own home and possessions?  No, but we've almost spent all of the organization's money.

• (2:42) Gunther Von Harringa 6 on the Michael Medved Show today, 5/20/2011.  Is the Antichrist here already?  The Antichrist is Satan himself.  Satan is in the "Temple" as of May 21, 1988, the date of the beginning of the 23-year Great Tribulation that concludes tomorrow with the Rapture.  Thus, for the past 23 years, Satan has had dominion over every church and every denomination in the world.

628-639 – Calls – If today was your last day, what would you do differently?

• (2:04) Camping on Radio- refund donations. (Unidentified caller asks Camping to return donations to people who have given everything to this ministry believing that "judgment day" is going to be on May 21, 2011.  Unidentified date of radio broadcast.)

644-654 – Calls – If today was your last day, what would you do differently?

•• Jason Boyett (Beliefnet, 5/19/2011) 21 Things You Should Know About Harold Camping.

• YouTube (11/20/2009) Harold Camping says Millions will die on May 21, 2011.

• Elizabeth Tenety (Washington Post, 5/20/2011) Harold Camping: Who is he and how did he calculate the end of the world?

• Huffington Post (5/20/2011) Desiring the End of the World.

• Sarah Pulliam Bailey (USA Today, 5/20/2011) Heaven can wait: Prophet's non-profit staff expects to work Monday.

• Frank Raj (Washington Times, 5/19/2011) One day to go! Harold Camping is counting down to rapture.

(1:51) Judgment Day, full. (Fox News' story on "judgment day" that aired on 5/17/2011).

(:03) 1 short, Camping. (Preacher Harold Camping short from the above piece.)

(:15) 2 short, Harnish. (James Harnish, Pastor of Hyde Park United Methodist Church in Tampa.)

• Fox News (5/20/2011) Netanyahu Rejects Obama Statehood Demand After Oval Office Meeting.

• Ken Timmerman (Newsmax, 5/19/2011) Lawsuit: Iran Knew About 9/11 Attack.

• Benjamin Weiser & Scott Shane (NYT, 5/19/2011) Court Filings Assert Iran Had Link to 9/11 Attacks.

• Jay Solomon & Carol Lee (WSJ, 5/20/2011) Obama's Israel Surprise:  President Issues Clear Call for Talks on Palestinian State Based on Pre-1967 Borders.

(:40) PO Borders. (President Obama speaks at the State Department on 5/19/2011 regarding Israel and Palestinian borders.)

(3:33) PO Netanyahu News Conf. (President Obama speaks from the Oval Office at a news conference with Netanyahu on 5/20/2011.)

(:29) PO Netanyahu News Conf. short. (between friends comment)

(:46) Netanyahu short. (Netanyahu responds at the same news conference after PO spoke.)