Wednesday, April 13, 2011

400-408 – Little Anna Drexel is only 6 years old, but she had to endure an awkward pat down by a female TSA officer on April 5th in New Orleans, one that left her in tears, asking "What did I do wrong, Daddy?"  Her parents, Selena and Dr. Todd Drexel, following TSA protocol, had asked that their daughter be rescanned to avoid the pat down, but the officer refused.  They posted the video on YouTube and it's gone viral.  They were on Good Morning America this morning.

(8X) GMA, Selena and Dr. Todd Drexel (4/13/2011) talk about what happened to their daughter Anna.

• YouTube (4/12/2011) TSA still groping kids...

• ABC News (4/13/2011) Parents of 6-Year-Old Girl Pat Down at Airport Want Procedures Changed.  Selena and Todd Drexel Say They're 'Struggling to Explain' Screening to Daughter.

• CNN (4/13/2011) TSA: Proper procedures followed in child's pat-down.

• TIME (4/13/2011) Congressman: TSA Child Pat-Down 'Absurd'.

The full statement from TSA reads:  TSA has reviewed the incident and determined that this officer followed proper current screening procedures. However, in line with his vision to accelerate TSA's evolution into a truly risk-based, intelligence-driven organization, Administrator [John] Pistole has tasked the agency with exploring additional ways to focus its resources and move beyond a one-size fits all system while maintaining a high level of security. As part of this effort, TSA has been actively reviewing its screening policies and procedures to streamline and improve the screening experience for low-risk populations, such as younger passengers. (4/13/2011) Screening of 6 Year-Old at MSY.

413-423 – Calls – If terrorists are willing to use bomb-filled carriages with real children in them, orphanages as human shields, launch rockets from schools, strap bombs to mentally disabled people, and implant breasts and body cavities with the explosive PETN that are then remotely detonated, then why shouldn't 6-year-olds be patted down in our airports?  If we're not going to profile like Israel does – with great success by the way – then we're going to be "fair" and treat everyone equally, which means, cute little 6-year-old girls are going to be patted down just like everyone else – right?  Or wrong?  TSA says 12 and under are exempt from groin searches, but have any of your sons or daughters been subjected to a non-modified pat down search?  Have any of you asked to "opt out" of the pat down and been refused?  Pistole told CNN that only those who opt out of the full-body scanners get the pat down, is that true?

2 million people go through TSA security every day, and since 9/11 not a single bomb-making item has been detected by TSA security on a potential passenger.  Furthermore, our "puffer" machines are not very effective at detecting PETN, dogs  do a better job, so if this is the explosive of choice, why don't we see a dog at every security check point? 

And, isn't it true, that at some point, the huge inconveniences and the violations of our personal privacy become so much, that we must concede that the terrorists have "won" by disrupting our lives? 

• Defenseweb (11/4/2010) Dogs can smell PETN: Mechem.

• Huffington Post (12/27/2009) PETN, Detroit Explosive, Common And Easily Detectable.

• Rand Corporation (pdf) Alternatives for Landmine Detection.  They're training bees to detect PETN.

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528-539 – Brian Bird, co-founder of Believe Pictures (, with Michael Landon, Jr., and perhaps best known for having produced and written over 250 episodes of Touched by an Angel, Evening Shade, Step by Step, and The Family Man, along with his many movie and television accomplishments.  He and his wife Patti have been married for 31 years, enjoy five children, and are members of Saddleback.  He blogs at  Today, we talk about his movie The Shunning that will air Saturday night on the Hallmark Channel (link), based on the Beverly Lewis bestseller.

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544-554 – Brian Bird,

558-608 – Tim Price, Director of the Center for Prayer Mobilization in Idyllwild (  

612-623 – Calls – Does God still answer prayers?  Has He answered yours?  How so?

628-639 – Calls – Does God still answer prayers?  Has He answered yours?  How so?

644-656 – Calls – Does God still answer prayers?  Has He answered yours?  How so?

• Fox News (4/13/2011) Bonds Guilty of Obstruction, Jury Hung on Others.

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