Thursday, April 7, 2011

400-408 – Talitha Phillips, CEO of the Westside Pregnancy Clinic (, Joanna Hyatt, Director of Reality Check (, who each year speaks to thousands of teens and young adults in churches and in junior and senior high schools across the country about sexual integrity, and Steven Luff, who leads the X3LA sexual recovery group at Ecclesia Church in Hollywood (, which meets at the Hollywood Pacific Theatre) and part of XXX Church (, are here to invite you their upcoming youth leadership training at Bel Air Presbyterian Church entitled "Sex, Etc.  How to Address Teen Pregnancy, Abortion, and Pornography in Our Community" next Saturday, April 16th from 10-3pm.  Register online for $10 at, or pay $15 at the door, and this includes all the materials and even lunch. 

413-423 – Talitha Phillips, Joanna Hyatt, and Steven Luff.

428-437 – Talitha Phillips, Joanna Hyatt, and Steven Luff.

443-452 – Talitha Phillips, Joanna Hyatt, and Steven Luff.

458-508 – Talitha Phillips, Joanna Hyatt, and Steven Luff.

512-523 – Talitha Phillips, Joanna Hyatt, and Steven Luff.

523 – Don Rohde @ Galpin Ford (818) 262-2092 (  For the past 39 years, Don's been sales manager at Galpin, the #1 volume Ford dealer in the world for the past 21 years. 

528-539 – Judy TenElshof, is Professor of Spirituality and Marriage & Family and Director of Talbot School of Theology's Spiritual Formation Focus (link), and, along with her husband Gene, Founder of the Hilltop Renewal Center in Pine Cove (near Idyllwild) (  And, along with Robert Saucy, is the co-author of Women and Men in Ministry: A Complementary Perspective (link), which takes the middle ground between the egalitarians who deny any differences between men and women, and the NAME who believe women are never allowed to teach men in the church.  Judy and Robert argue that while men and women are equal, God has given them different roles, and that each role relies upon the other to be fully effective.

• Five Types of Church Government (aka Polity or Ecclesiology).  The Bible teaches that Christ is the Head of the Church, and that Elders (elder-presbuteros, overseer-bishop-episkopas, pastor-shepherd-poimen) oversee the Deacons (minister-servant-diakonos) who minister to the congregation.  There have been five different applications of this in church history.  It sometimes helps to use business analogies.  (Key passages:  1 Tim 3:1-13, 1 Tim 5, Titus 1:5-9, Jude 12, Ephesians 4:12-13, James 5:14, Acts 6:1-6, Acts 20.)

1) Senior Pastor Led (Sole Proprietorship, a pyramid;  e.g., most Baptist churches and Calvary Chapels)

2) Presbytery Led (Franchise Store, individually-owned and operated;  e.g., Bel Air Presbyterian)

3) Congregational Led (Employee Owned Business;  e.g., Lake Ave Congregational Church)

4) Bishop Led (Corporate Store, In-N-Out;  e.g., Episcopal, Greek Orthodox, and Catholic churches )

5) Plurality of Elders Led (Senior Partnership, a law firm; e.g., many independent-Bible churches, Life Bible Fellowship)

544-554 – Judy TenElshof,

558-608 – Judy TenElshof,

612-623 – Judy TenElshof,

628-639 – Judy TenElshof,

644-656 – Judy TenElshof,