Friday, February 11, 2011

400-408 – Russ McCurdy, VP of Internet Sales for Exotic Meats USA in Reno, Nevada (, joined us back on January 25, and enjoyed it so much he offerred to send us some samples if we'd be willing to try them on the air.  In fact, Russ is offering 10% to our KKLA listeners!  Russ sent about 30 pounds of exotic meats to chef Josh Schreider at Luigi Ortega's Restaurant on Colorado in Pasadena (, 626- 396-9669), who specializes in these kind of things, along with great Italian and Mexican food too.  Josh and his co-owner Dan Collier have prepared a feast for us, and we're now going to share it with you guys, our listeners.

Today, we'll be sampling the following, and I'm going to rate them on a 1-10 scale as I taste them.

Alligator Tail Steak –  9

Elk Steak – 8

Kangaroo Loin – 8

Python – 9

Turtle Meat – 8

Wagyu Beef Patties – 11!!!

Wild Boar Strip-loin – 9

Yak Ribeye – 10

Luigi Ortega's Suicide Pie with hot peppers and 5 of the meats.

413-423 – Sampling Exotic Meats USA prepared by Luigi Ortegas!

428-437 – Sampling Exotic Meats USA prepared by Luigi Ortegas!

443-452 – Sampling Exotic Meats USA prepared by Luigi Ortegas!

458-508 – Jennifer Monk (in studio) who along with Bob Tyler are the two principles behind Advocates for Faith and Freedom (, (888) 588-6888), we're in court at the 9th Circuit this morning, handling the Chad Farnan appeal.  She gives us an update.

Chad Farnan vs. Capistrano Unified School District,

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals  (Appeal Nos. 09-56689 and 09-56690)

Pasadena, CA.  Tomorrow, Friday, February 11th, a groundbreaking case of student vs. teacher will be heard before a three-judge panel at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Pasadena, CA.

In 2007, Chad Farnan, then a student at Capistrano High School in Orange County, CA, brought a case against his Advanced Placement European History teacher.  Farnan had tape recorded numerous lectures for study purposes, but in the meantime, caught his teacher making numerous comments that Farnan argues was an unconstitutional attack on Christianity and religion.  In one instance, his teacher stated, "When you put on your Jesus glasses, you can't see the truth."  Farnan believed that the teacher was violating Farnan's First Amendment right by expressing hostility toward religion in violation of the federal Establishment Clause.

In May 2009, a federal District Court judge issued a one-of-a-kind ruling in Farnan's favor.  The judge held that the teacher violated the Establishment Clause in one instance where he expressed "an unequivocal belief that creationism is 'superstitious nonsense.'"  This case has been appealed to the Ninth Circuit. 

Because this is the first case in the country to address this issue directly, it should help to place boundaries on teachers who feel free to improperly express hostility toward religion in public schools.

Jennifer Monk, Associate Counsel for Advocates for Faith and Freedom and Farnan's attorney, described the significance of this case, saying, "Just as public school teachers are not allowed to promote one religion in the classroom, they should not be able to use their classrooms as a platform to attack religion because the pendulum swings both ways."

Tomorrow, both sides of this case will present the appeal.  Ms. Monk will argue on behalf of Farnan, asking the Ninth Circuit to broaden the lower court ruling and find more of Dr. James Corbett's statements unconstitutional.  Dr. Corbett has hired Erwin Chemerinsky, constitutional scholar and dean of UC Irvine's law school, to lead his appeal at the Ninth Circuit.

512-523 – • Fox News (2/11/2011) Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak Steps Down. Calls from Coptic Christians: What is your reaction? What is the reaction of your family members in Egypt? What are your fears/thoughts about the political and religious future of Egypt?

• Stratfor (2/11/2011 @ 8:31AM) Red Alert: Mubarak Resigns, Military is in Charge. (Cairo is +10 hours of LA).

528-539 – (2:07) 4 year old hero. (TODAY on NBC with Kevin Tibbles @ 2/11/2011. The full video and story is here.)

• NBC (2/11/2011) Girl, 4, treks quarter mile through snow to save family.  Calls:  What's the bravest act you've participated in or been witness to?  Parents, how do you teach your kids to be brave?  Where's the line between bravery and stupidity?  Your best hero story?

544-554 – Calls

528-539 – Calls

544-554 – Calls

558-608 – Calls

612-623 – Calls

628-639 – Calls

644-656 – Calls

• Charles Krauthammer (NRO, 2/11/2011) From a Freedom Agenda to a Freedom Doctrine:  We should be clear-eyed about our preferred outcome.

• AFP (2/10/2011) Multiculturalism has failed, says French president.

PARIS (AFP) – French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared Thursday that multiculturalism had failed, joining a growing number of world leaders or ex-leaders who have condemned it.

"My answer is clearly yes, it is a failure," he said in a television interview when asked about the policy which advocates that host societies welcome and foster distinct cultural and religious immigrant groups.

"Of course we must all respect differences, but we do not want... a society where communities coexist side by side.

"If you come to France, you accept to melt into a single community, which is the national community, and if you do not want to accept that, you cannot be welcome in France," the right-wing president said.

"The French national community cannot accept a change in its lifestyle, equality between men and women... freedom for little girls to go to school," he said.

"We have been too concerned about the identity of the person who was arriving and not enough about the identity of the country that was receiving him," Sarkozy said in the TFI channel show.

• Andrew Stiles (NRO, 2/10/2011) Cutting the Full $100 Billion:  To the Tea Party, "technically" fulfilling a pledge just doesn't cut it.

• Michelle Alexander (Sojourners, 2/8/2011) Cruel and Unequal: Blacks and whites use drugs at about the same rate, yet African Americans are 10 times as likely to be imprisoned for drug offenses. The unbalanced effects of the 'war on drugs.'

• Baptist Standard (2/10/2011) Competing claims prompt need for apologetics.