Monday, November 15, 2010

400-408 – (5:12) John Tyner at San Diego.

(:12) Groin Check

(:02) Touch My Junk

(:10) Not a Sexual Assault

(:10) Lawsuit Threat

413-423 – (4:59) John Tyner, the guy at the center of the "Don't Touch My Junk!" controversy.

•• Johnny Edge Blog (11/13/2010) TSA encounter at SAN.  On Saturday, John was selected out of the metal detector line to go through the X-ray machine in San Diego.  He refused the X-ray machine, which forced TSA to attempt a pat down search.  He refused that and decided not to fly.  He was told by TSA he was allowed to leave.  But, before leaving, a TSA supervisor asked him to co-operate with some information, but when he refused to co-operate, the supervisor told him he'll be facing civil charges and a $10,000 fine for not completing a security check once it had been initiated.  John caught the whole thing on his cell phone video and audio, and it's gone viral.

• LATimes Blog (11/15/2010) Oceanside man challenges airport's full-body scan (Video). 

• Johnny Edge Blog (11/14/2010) Motivation of my filming of my TSA encounter.

• CNN (11/15/2010) TSA: Despite objections, all passengers must be screened.

428-437 – Not a single bomb-making item has been detected by TSA security on a potential passenger since 911.  Al Qaeda and other terrorists are using the explosive PETN in all kinds of things, shoes, taped to underwear, in printer cartridges, etc.  The huge problem is this, our current X-ray and imaging machines cannot detect PETN – especially if concealed in a body cavity.  There have been terrorist attacks using PETN concealed within vaginal and rectal condoms, and even breast implants.

Is there equipment out there that can detect PETN?  If so, why aren't we using those machines?  Can the "puffer" machines detect PETN?

At some point, the huge inconveniences and violations of personal privacy become too much, and we must conceded the terrorists have "won" by disrupting our lives. 

2 million people go through TSA security every day.  Isn't there a better way to do this that doesn't include sexual assault and potentially dangerous radiation?  Even dentists cover us up for X-rays, but when the bomb is in the groin, what do you do?  What's your suggestion to maintain security and yet preserve our privacy?

443-452 – • Hot Air (11/14/2010) Video: TSA body-searches a three-year-old girl.  Watch the "See Me Feel Me" video.

Callers, has your "junk" been touched?  Have you gone through a groin inspection where the agent was using his palm and not the back of his or her hand?  Are males touching females, and females touching males?  (Is that a heterosexist question?)  They say 12 and under are exempt from groin searches, have any of your sons or daughters been subjected to this?  BTW, why wouldn't a terrorist organization just use children then and have it remotely detonated?

458-508 – Reset

512-523 – Maybe we ought to do what El Al Airlines in Israel does, examine people rather than objects.

Last year, the former head of Israel's El Al Airlines, Isaac Yeffet, was on Fox and Friends (12/29/09) talking about how they have successfully dealt with airline security for the past 30 years.  Unlike us, they focus on people rather than objects.  They do "behavioral profiling" of suspicious passengers, whereas we try to stop inanimate objects themselves, i.e., the guns, knives, and bomb-making materials.  Interestingly, he's against the full-body scanning X-ray machines we've now got on order – because they especially dishonor Muslim husbands who will be terribly insulted that someone has seen their wives naked.  [Nor does he believe the Christmas Day bomber acted alone.  He encourages us to stop the panic and fear we're expressing because it expresses weakness.  He talks about how silly it is to have a policy "you can't get out of your seat for the last hour of the flight," which simply tells the terrorists to detonate an hour and a half before they land.]

528-539 – Don't forget, the new pat down procedures have only been in place the last couple weeks.  Any pat down before that wasn't done under the new policy.  Plus, what about those of you with metal parts inside you?  Is the scan safe?


544-554 – Calls

558-608 – (4:23) Shepard Smith on Fox News talks about the security scandal today (11/15/2010).

(4:59) John Tyner, the guy at the center of the "Don't Touch My Junk!" controversy.

612-623 – "Josh" from (  Will you be participating in National Opt Out Day on November 24.

628-639 – Is there equipment out there that can detect PETN?  If so, why aren't we using those machines instead of the body scanners?  Of course, everyone should go through a metal detector, but why the scanners if they don't detect PETN?  Can the "puffer" machines detect PETN?  Can dogs?

• Defenseweb (11/4/2010) Dogs can smell PETN: Mechem.

• Huffington Post (12/27/2009) PETN, Detroit Explosive, Common And Easily Detectable.

644-656 – • Rand Corporation (pdf) Alternatives for Landmine Detection.  They're training bees to detect PETN.

• HHS (11/1/2010) Approved Applications for Waiver of the Annual Limits Requirements of the PHS Act Section 2711 as of November 1, 2010.