Friday, October 8, 2010

Coming to you live from the Regency theaters in Azusa, at the southwest corner of Alosta and Citrus, right across the street from APU, for tonight's opening of the award-winning film Like Dandelion Dust now playing across Southern California.  We've got movie t-shirts, books and DVDs to give away, and we'll be talking to some of the principles of the film.  The movie is playing tonight at 7:05pm and 9:40pm, and tomorrow at 1:00pm, 7:05pm and 9:40pm. For a theater near you, go to and click "Theaters".

CAST – Academy Award® Winner Mira Sorvino (Wendy Porter), Golden Globe® Nominee Barry Pepper (Rip Porter), Kate Levering (Molly Campbell), Cole Hauser (Jack Campbell), L. Scott Caldwell (Alison Bower), and introducing child actor Maxwell Perry Cotton (Joey).   Directed by Jon Gunn.  Screenplay by Stephen J. Rivele.  Executive Producers Christopher and Melanie Morrow, and Geoff Ludlow.  Producers Kevin Downes, Bobby Downes, and Kerry David.  Music by Nathan Larson. Cost $2.5 million.

"The Story" – "Like Dandelion Dust" is a compelling drama about a young boy who lives an idyllic life with his adoptive parents on the coast of Florida. It's a postcard childhood until the day they receive a disturbing phone call: his birth parents want Joey back. A judge's decision could tear him away from the only home he's ever known. One family is determined to keep the son they love, the other to begin a new life, one they've always dreamed of, and rise above the challenges of alcoholism and domestic abuse that have plagued them. Joey's future hangs in the balance as issues of parenthood and class warfare play out. Someone must make the bravest decision of their life; sometimes the greatest love is letting go.

• The Acorn Online, Review of Like Dandelion Dust. (4.5 out of 5 stars).

• VC Star (9/22/2010) Lake Sherwood producers releasing independent film across U.S. Friday.

400-408 – Kevin Downes, along with his brother Bobby, are founders of Downes Brothers Entertainment (, the producers of Like Dandelion Dust, and today we talk about adoption, the miracle of Operation Haitian 80 – the rescue of the largest number of orphans coming to the US from Haiti, and their new award-winning movie.

• The DVD Like Dandelion Dust Comes To Life is only available at Family Christian Stores ( that tells several stories about adoption – including Karen Kingsbury's adoption of her three Haitian sons, and Kevin's and his wife Cathy's story of bringing home a 21-month old Haitian boy, their son Benicio, just 10 days after the earthquake on Jan. 12, 2010 – after battling infertility for 9 years, and the adoption process for 3 years.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Like Dandelion Dust Comes to Life will be donated to The James Fund for orphan care in Haiti for the DVD sold between 10/8/22010 through 11/11/2010 (link).

413-423 – Kevin Downes,

428-437 – Shelene Bryan, producer of Like Dandelion Dust.

443-452 – Kevin Downes,

458-508 – What's your adoption story?

512-523 – What's your adoption story? 

528-539 – Kevin Downes

544-554 – Kevin Downes

558-608 – Mira Sorvino (Wendy Porter) (IMBD), talks about her role as Wendy Porter, and how she spent time with a woman in almost her character's exact circumstances, and why she wanted to do the birth mother rather than the adoptive mother.

612-623 – Bill & Kathleen Herren, Executive Producers of Like Dandelion Dust.

Karen will be here at the Regency Theaters in Azusa tomorrow for the 1pm showing.

• Go see New York Times Bestselling Author Karen Kingsbury and Academy Award Winning actress Mira Sorvino this coming Monday, Oct. 11th, from 10 to noon at the Westlake Village Barnes and Noble!  Take home a free signed poster of Karen's movie Like Dandelion Dust starring Mira!  And engage in a Q&A about the film and the powerful impact it's having on audiences!  This will be the only book signing Karen and Mira will be doing together in California – so don't miss it!

628-639 – Christopher Morrow, Executive Producer.

644-656 – Kevin Downes & Shelene Bryan.