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400-408Andy Bales, CEO of the Union Rescue Mission (, 213-347-6300), with an update on the demand right now at the URM – three-times worse than during the Great Depression.  They've begun a new policy of encouraging those guests who can afford it to pay $7 a day to defray the costs of their stay at the URM through their Gateway Program.  If you'd like to sponsor a man or woman, go to

413-423 – • Washington Post (9/1/2010) Discovery building hostage situation ends with suspect James J. Lee fatally shot.

• James Lee (9/1/2010) Manifesto.  Sadly, I'll bet a lot of ecology majors at almost any American university say the same kinds of things:  man is the primary parasite on planet Earth, we've got to institute zero-population growth, women should get sterilized if they're serious about global warming, the religious belief that man is of higher moral value than plants and animals is nothing more than the highest form of racism – speciesism.

It all comes down to worldview.  If there is a Creator God, as the Bible teaches, and we are the pinnacle of creation, then we are of higher moral value to him than the other creatures, and He has tasked us to be His stewards of this Earth.  But, if there is no god, and man is merely an evolved ape, then it is selfish to prefer our own survival over that of plants and animals (speciesism).  (Why is it that man is the only creature to ponder these questions?)

It is documented that the original members of what has become the modern environmental movement were originally members of Socialist and Communist political parties.  They may be green on the outside, but they're red on the inside.  Greens are anti-human, believing man is the pollutant that must be eliminated, and therefore are thereby anti-growth, anti-technology, anti-industrialization, anti-capitalist, and anti-West.  However, man is not the cancer but the answer, nor is there a population boom but a population bloom.

428-437Calls.  Do you know any "eco-nuts"?  Ever take a class where you were taught these same things?



512-523 – • Daily Express (8/31/2010) CLIMATE CHANGE LIES ARE EXPOSED.

THE world's leading climate change body has been accused of losing credibility after a damning report into its research practices.  A high-level inquiry into the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change found there was "little evidence" for its claims about global warming.  It also said the panel had emphasized the negative impacts of climate change and made "substantive findings" based on little proof.

The review by the InterAcademy Council (IAC) was launched after the IPCC's hugely embarrassing 2007 benchmark climate change report, which contained exaggerated and false claims that Himalayan glaciers could melt by 2035.

The panel was forced to admit its key claim in support of global warming was lifted from a 1999 magazine article. The report was based on an interview with a little-known Indian scientist who has since said his views were "speculation" and not backed by research.

Independent climate scientist Peter Taylor said last night: "The IPCC's credibility has been deeply dented and something has to be done. It can't just be a matter of adjusting the practices. They have got to look at what are the consequences of having got it wrong in terms of what the public think is going on. Admitting that it needs to reform means something has gone wrong and they really do need to look at the science."

Climate change sceptic David Holland, who challenged leading climate change scientists at the University of East Anglia to disclose their research, said: "The panel is definitely not fit for purpose. What the IAC has said is substantial changes need to be made."

The IAC, which comprises the world's top science academies including the UK's Royal Society, made recommendations to the IPCC to "enhance its credibility and independence" after the Himalayan glaciers report, which severely damaged the reputation of climate science.

It condemned the panel – set up by the UN to ensure world leaders had the best scientific advice on climate change – for its "slow and inadequate response" after the damaging errors emerged.

Among the blunders in the 2007 report were claims that 55 per cent of the Netherlands was below sea level when the figure is 26 per cent.

It also claimed that water supplies for between 75 million and 250 million people in Africa will be at risk by 2020 due to climate change, but the real range is between 90 and 220 million.

The claim that glaciers would melt by 2035 was also rejected.

Professor Julian Dowdeswell of Cambridge University said: "The average glacier is 1,000ft thick so to melt one at 15ft a year would take 60 years. That is faster than anything we are seeing now so the idea of losing it all by 2035 is unrealistic."

In yesterday's report, the IAC said: "The IPCC needs to reform its management structure and strengthen its procedures to handle ever larger and increasingly complex climate assessments as well as the more intense public scrutiny coming from a world grappling with how to respond to climate change."

The review also cast doubt on the future of IPCC chairman Dr Rajendra Pachauri.

Earlier this year, the Daily Express reported how he had no climate science qualifications but held a PhD in economics and was a former railway engineer.

Dr Pachauri has been accused of a conflict of interest, which he denies, after it emerged that he has business interests attracting millions of pounds in funding. One, the Energy Research Institute, is set to receive up to £10million in grants from taxpayers over the next five years.

Speaking after the review was released yesterday, Dr Pachauri said: "We have the highest confidence in the science behind our assessments.

"The scientific community agrees that climate change is real. Greenhouse gases have increased as a result of human activities and now far exceed pre-industrial values."

TH 524 – [2:00] Don Rohde (818) 262-2092.  For the past 38 years, Don has been a sales manager at Galpin, the #1 volume Ford dealer in the world for the past 20 consecutive years.  Galpin has been family-owned and operated for the past 59 years, and 90% of their business is repeat or referral.  Galpin offers Ford, Lincoln-Mercury, Honda, Mazda, Saturn, Volvo, Jaguar, and Aston Martin.  Located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley at Roscoe and the 405.

528-538Phil Hotsenpiller, teaching pastor at Yorba Linda Friends Church (, and author of the seven-part graphic novel series with Rob Liefeld entitled Armageddon Now (, is hosting this weekend's free Prophecy Conference at Yorba Linda Friends Church this Friday through Sunday.  Phil will interview Mosab Hassan Yousef, author of Son of Hamas, Friday night and on Saturday night, he'll interview Thomas Winder, the biblical archaeologist who's found Sodom & Gomorrah.  For more information visit

Thomas Winder, Promotional Director for Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque and the Director for the Tall El Hammam Excavation Project at the Dead Sea, Jordan ( where they claim to have found Sodom and Gomorrah back in 2005.  Under his boss, Dr. Steven Collins, they have submitted papers and journal articles in peer-reviewed journals presenting the evidence.  They have found a 10 mile long stretch of "flash-heated" ground, complete with a 120-acre fortified city, with thousands of pieces of middle bronze age pottery that dates back 3,800 years ago.  Evidence, they claim, can only be explained by the divine event in Genesis.

539 – [2:00] "The Money Guys" – Robert Micone and Bill O'Connor from Applied Financial Planning at 866-SEEK-COUNSEL, that's 866-733-5268 (

544-554Hugh Ross, founder and president of Reasons to Believe (, is both an astrophysicist (Ph.D., University of Vancouver) and a pastor at Sierra Madre Congregational Church, and the author of over a dozen books, including his latest, Why The Universe Is The Way It Is.  Today, we talk about Stephen Hawking's latest revelation:  the laws of physics spontaneously created the universe.  Hugh also explains the nine dimensions of space acknowledged by physicists and cosmologists, (the five beyond length, width, height, and time), touching on material in his Beyond the Cosmos, soon in its third edition.  E.g., the purpose of this universe is to bring about the end to all evil and suffering.

• Telegraph (9/2/2010) Stephen Hawking: God was not needed to create the Universe.  The Big Bang was the result of the inevitable laws of physics and did not need God to spark the creation of the Universe, Stephen Hawking has concluded.

The scientist has claimed that no divine force was needed to explain why the Universe was formed.

In his latest book, The Grand Design, an extract of which is published in Eureka magazine in The Times, Hawking said: "Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the Universe exists, why we exist."

 He added: "It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the Universe going."

In A Brief History of Time, Prof Hawking's most famous work, he did not dismiss the possibility that God had a hand in the creation of the world.

He wrote in the 1988 book: "If we discover a complete theory, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason — for then we should know the mind of God."

In his new book he rejects Sir Isaac Newton's theory that the Universe did not spontaneously begin to form but was set in motion by God.

In June this year Prof Hawking told a Channel 4 series that he didn't believe that a "personal" God existed. He told Genius of Britain: "The question is: is the way the universe began chosen by God for reasons we can't understand, or was it determined by a law of science? I believe the second. If you like, you can call the laws of science 'God', but it wouldn't be a personal God that you could meet, and ask questions."

Until his retirement last year Prof Hawking was Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, a post previously held by Newton.

The book, co-written by American physicist Leonard Mlodinow, is published on September 9.

558-608Hugh Ross,

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644-655 Hugh Ross,

• Mail Online (2/14/2010) Climategate U-turn as scientist at centre of row admits: There has been no global warming since 1995.  Some startling admissions:  Data for vital 'hockey stick graph' has gone missing.  There has been no global warming since 1995.  Warming periods have happened before - but NOT due to man-made changes.

From the story (my emphasis):

The academic at the centre of the 'Climategate' affair, whose raw data is crucial to the theory of climate change, has admitted that he has trouble 'keeping track' of the information.

Colleagues say that the reason Professor Phil Jones has refused Freedom of Information requests is that he may have actually lost the relevant papers

// The data is crucial to the famous 'hockey stick graph' used by climate change advocates to support the theory.

Professor Jones also conceded the possibility that the world was warmer in medieval times than now – suggesting global warming may not be a man-made phenomenon.

And he said that for the past 15 years there has been no 'statistically significant' warming.

// And he said that the debate over whether the world could have been even warmer than now during the medieval period, when there is evidence of high temperatures in northern countries, was far from settled.  Skeptics believe there is strong evidence that the world was warmer between about 800 and 1300 AD than now because of evidence of high temperatures in northern countries.  But climate change advocates have dismissed this as false or only applying to the northern part of the world.  Professor Jones departed from this consensus when he said: 'There is much debate over whether the Medieval Warm Period was global in extent or not. The MWP is most clearly expressed in parts of North America, the North Atlantic and Europe and parts of Asia.  'For it to be global in extent, the MWP would need to be seen clearly in more records from the tropical regions and the Southern hemisphere. There are very few palaeoclimatic records for these latter two regions.

'Of course, if the MWP was shown to be global in extent and as warm or warmer than today, then obviously the late 20th Century warmth would not be unprecedented. On the other hand, if the MWP was global, but was less warm than today, then the current warmth would be unprecedented.' 

Skeptics said this was the first time a senior scientist working with the IPCC had admitted to the possibility that the Medieval Warming Period could have been global, and therefore the world could have been hotter then than now.

• LA Times (9/2/2010) Environmentalists stunned by failures of key measures in Legislature.  Activists expected big gains, but a ban on plastic grocery bags, another on a chemical used in baby bottles and a bid to boost alternative energy fell short in the face of heavy industry opposition.

• The Tennessean (8/30/2010) 'Almost Christian' teens trouble church scholars.

• EWTN- Eternal Word Television Network (9/2/2010) Sunday churchgoing makes women happier than shopping, researchers claim.