Friday, September 10, 2010

400-408 – Kyle Gomez manager of the LifeWay Christian Store ( at the northwest corner of Kraemer and Imperial in Brea, where tomorrow I'll be doing a book signing from 11 to 1pm, with a bonus question-and-answer casual time from 1pm-2pm.  My book, Shattered:  Struck Down But Not Destroyed will be discounted to $10.99.
KABUL, Afghanistan – Hundreds of angry Afghans burned a U.S. flag and chanted "Death to the Christians" on Thursday to protest plans by a small American church to torch copies of the Muslim holy book on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.
Religious and political leaders across the Muslim world, as well as several U.S. officials, have asked the church to call off the plan, warning it would lead to violence against Americans. Iraq, worried that it will unleash a backlash against all Christians, has beefed up security near churches.
• News Channel 5 (9/9/2010) Springfield Pastor Plans To Burn Quran.
Springfield Pastor Bob Old said his decision to burn the Islamic holy book on September 11 has nothing to do with the agenda of the pastor in Florida or the controversy surrounding the mosque in New York.
He has his own reasons behind the demonstrations and no intentions of backing down.
"My plans for Saturday are to take a copy of the Quran and burn it," said Old.
He's planning to go forward with the demonstration on 9/11 to be able to make his point and have it heard.
"To the Muslim church I would say the reason I am doing on Saturday because I believe they worship a false god. They have a false text, a false prophet and a false scripture," said Old.
He said the other two reasons are to teach Americans about their constitutional rights and to make them better Christians.
Both General Petraeus and President Obama have spoken out against such demonstrations, worried it will be perceived as an act of hate by Muslims around the world.
But for Old, he asked "How can it be an act of hate when what I am doing is trying to save their souls?"
GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) - Will he or won't he? Negotiations between a local Muslim cleric and the leader of a tiny Florida church who had threatened to publicly burn copies of Islam's holy text left the heated debate in a state of confusion with the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks a day away.
The Rev. Terry Jones said Thursday he would call off the planned burning of Qurans based on a deal negotiated with the president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida that the location of a mosque planned near ground zero in New York would be changed.
But Imam Muhammad Musri said he was clear on Thursday when he told Jones that he could only set up a meeting with planners of the New York City mosque, whose leader said he had spoken to neither the pastor nor Musri. Jones responded by opening the door, if only a crack, that he would go forward with his plan on Saturday.
"We are just really shocked," Jones said of Musri. "He clearly, clearly lied to us."
413-423 – What's wrong with the attitude "They burn Bibles and chant 'Death to Christians' so why can't we burn Koran's and chant 'Death to Muslims'?"  Isn't this the Biblical teaching of "an eye for an eye?"  Why not "fight fire with fire"?  Would you be proud or ashamed if it was your church that was going to be burning Korans tomorrow to commemorate 911? If you have a loved one in the military, do you believe burning Korans puts your loved one at risk?
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458-508 – Tom Doyle, Director of International Ministries and Middle East Specialist for E3 Partners (, "Equip, Evangelize, Establish"), and author of Breakthrough: The Return of Hope to the Middle East (  Today we talk about the Koran burning story and the 9th anniversary of 911.
512-523 – Sophia Marsh, a former Muslim, will be speaking tomorrow at Mariner's in Irvine at their Bridges Conference ( from 9am-4pm – an equipping conference to help Christians learn how to share the Gospel more effectively with their 1.3 million Muslim neighbors here in California, of which about 170,000 are in Orange County alone.  Sophia will also be introducing the main speaker, Fouad Masri, the founder of the Crescent Project, out of which this conference sprang.  The cost is $30 per person.
• OC Register (9/9/2010) O.C. church plans 'bridge' to Muslims.
558-608 – Dr. Mark Baker, Clinical Psychologist and Executive Director of La Vie Christian Counseling Centers ( in Pasadena and Santa Monica, and author of the million-selling bestseller Jesus, The Greatest Therapist Who Ever Lived.   And you can hear Mark teach on emotional and spiritual growth at  Today we talk about dealing with grief and loss, and Mark talks about the distinction between aggression and violence.  Mark defines "aggression" as the force to push wrong and evil back where it belongs behind a boundary.  And, he defines "violence" as excessive aggression that goes too far and violates someone else's boundaries.  He explains that violence begets violence, but aggression does not beget aggression.  This launches us into the proper mindset of a Christian warrior, a Christian infantryman, a Christian cop, or a Christian boxer.
• And, just for our KKLA listeners, call now for a 50-minute session with a Christian Counselor for the reduced rate of $25.00 by calling our KKLA Helpline (800) 801-5242.
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• Fox News (9/10/2010) Rescuers Search Rubble for Victims of Deadly Gas Explosion Near San Francisco.  Rescue workers are combing the rubble and ashes of a suburban San Francisco neighborhood, searching for more victims of a "horrific" gas explosion that has killed at least four people and injured 52 others.
Not long after the Twin Towers fell, the crazy conspiracies rose in their place. The attack was an inside job we were told as the 9/11 truther industry spread like the plague it is. By 2004, "half (49.3%) of New York City residents and 41% of New York citizens overall say that some of our leaders 'knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act,'" according to a Zogby International poll.
Nearly a decade after these attacks, many crazies still believe America was involved or knew they were going to happen. A poll by Angus Reid Public Opinion from March 2010 claims 15 percent "think claims that the collapse of the World Trade Center was the result of a controlled demolition are credible." Millions around the globe believe this garbage – blaming the U.S. or even Israel for the attacks.
• Nina Shea & Paul Marshall, NRO (9/7/2010) Burning the Koran: Islamic blasphemy versus free speech.
• Victor Davis Hanson, NRO (9/8/2010) Our Waning Obama Worship: We Americans know not what we do.
• Jonah Goldberg, NRO (9/8/2010) I, Market Economy: Central planning never works.
• NRO Editors (9/8/2010) Scattershot Stimulus.