Friday, March 5, 2010

• Due to some unforeseen circumstances, this Sunday's California Election Forum at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills has been cancelled – spread the word.

[• And, this Saturday at New Hope Christian Fellowship in Simi Valley, from 10am to 12:30pm, they're hosting a FIRE event, which stands for Friends in Recovery Extended, that helps people meet new friends who are also in 12-step groups.  For details, call (805) 581-1628]

400-408Glenn Sunshine, Professor of History at Central Connecticut State University (, comes with high praise and a personal recommendation to me from Chuck Colson.  Glenn teaches in Chuck's Centurion program.  Glenn's book, Why You Think the Way You Do: The Story of Western Worldviews from Rome to Home, traces the development of Western civilization from the Roman Empire to postmodernism – and he argues that as we lose the Judeo-Christian foundation of the West, we're embracing the pagan worldview, and therefore the practices, of the ancient Roman empire. Today we talk about his article coming out on Monday entitled "The Postmodern Presidency" at the Colson Center (

• Daniel Foster & Stephen Spruiell, NRO (3/5/2010) Myths about Reconciliation: Using reconciliation to pass Obamacare would be inappropriate and unprecedented. Here's why.

• Peggy Noonan, WSJ (3/5/2010) What a Disaster Looks Like: ObamaCare will have been a colossal waste of time—if we're lucky.

• Charles Krauthammer, WSJ (3/5/2010) Onward, He Said, Regardless: Obamacare is heading into its fifth act, and it's looking like a tragedy.

• Andy McCarthy (3/5/2010) Hold the Champagne on Military Commissions – It's a Head Fake.

• Ed Morrissey (3/5/2010) WaPo: WH to overrule Holder, send 9/11 plotters to military commissions.

413-423Glenn Sunshine

• Breitbart (3/5/2010) Angry US students protest cuts to higher education.

• Breitbart (2/5/2010) EU's 'carbon fat cats' get rich off trading scheme: study.

428-437Marty Angelo, is a full-time minister to prisoners, substance abusers and troubled celebrities and his book is entitled Once Life Matters: A New Beginning and his latest is Vision of New Jerusalem: Now! (, 

He worked in the entertainment business from 1965 to 1980 as a television producer, record promoter, disk jockey, restaurant/nightclub owner and personal manager for rock 'n' roll bands. Though at times Angelo thought he achieved success, internally he always felt emptiness in his heart, sensing his life had neither real meaning nor true purpose. Nothing ever seemed to matter to him. Therefore, he lived an out-of-control sin-riddled lifestyle. He was arrested in 1980 for two counts of possession of cocaine. Through this life-shattering event he experienced a "new beginning," a dramatic and electrifying conversion to Christianity. This miracle happened in 1981 prior to serving two-and-a-half years in a federal prison. God forgave Marty's sins, blessed him with eternal life and filled the void in Marty's heart with His Holy Spirit. His life finally began to matter and it took on a new meaning as he discovered God's true plan and purpose.

443-452Marty Angelo

458-508Hormoz Shariat, "the Billy Graham of Iran," he is the founder of Iran Alive Ministries ( he founded the Iranian Christian Church in 1987 which has grown to five churches and over 400 members – all converts from Islam, and he's the host of ICTV, a Christian call-in show in Farsi, beamed into Iran via satellite.  In 1979, he was in the streets of Iran chanting "Death to America" as a good radical Muslim, then he came to USC to get a Ph.D. in computer engineering.  He was spiritually empty, with a divorce date set, and he reads the Koran one more time, not getting any direction.  Then he read the Gospel of Matthew and was confronted with the person of Jesus.  As a result, he came to faith in Christ at Church of the Open Door here in LA.  He's happily married, and lives in the Bay Area, with his three children.  Today, Iran has a population of 70 million, and 70% or 49 million of the them are under the age of 30.  Hormoz share some great stories about his ministry.

512-523Hormoz Shariat

528-538 – • Fox 17 (3/4/2010) Kindergartner Suspended for Mimicking Gun with Hands.  (1:51) Gun with hand.

• Grand Rapids News (3/4/2010) Ionia kindergartner suspended for making gun with handCalls: You decide: Harmful or harmless? 

544-554What kind of "cowboys and indians" games do your boys play?

558-608Jean Twenge, associate professor of Psychology at San Diego State University and author of Generation Me, and her latest The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement (, she blogs at  Today we talk about her recent articles on baby names.

• Yahoo (2/24/2010) Parents Choosing More Unusual Baby Names Now.

• NY Daily News (2/25/2010) Shiloh and Suri are in good company: More parents looking for baby names that are unique and unusual.

612-623Jean Twenge

628-638(1:51) Chelsea case 1. (Mike Von Fremd, ABC news San Diego doing a specific piece on this story for Good Morning America, ABC @ 3/4/2010).

(2:07) Chelsea case 2. (Robin Roberts on Good Morning America ABC interviews John Walsh of America's Most Wanted @ 3/4/2010).

• Los Angeles Times (3/5/2010) Chelsea King's parents want changes in sex offender laws.

• North County Times, San Diego (3/4/2010) REGION: Sex offender laws exerted little control over defendant.

• ABC News (3/4/2010) Chelsea King Case: Outrage Over Sex Offender Monitoring Reaches White House.

644-652 – • Fox News (3/5/2010) Anti-Catholic Leaflet Stirs Holy War in Tennessee TownAnother reason why I'm not a fan of Chick tracts.

• The Washington Post (3/5/2010) Officer says God shielded him from Pentagon gunman.