Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's only been seven weeks since the January 12th earthquake that killed 230,000 people in Haiti.  The words "crisis" "urgent" "disaster" and "desperate" fall far short of describing the daily horror of millions displaced looking for clean water, food, shelter, and safety for their families.  

The world is helping, led by the United States, but with no infrastructure, it's hard to get the help to those who need it most.  Millions are homeless.  Millions need medical attention.  Millions are hungry – every night.

Joining us right now is John Boyd, President of Mission Aviation Fellowship (, who just got back from Haiti, here to tell us how things are going, what they need right now, and how we can help.

MAF has been in Haiti since 1986, where they have proven time and again – and especially right now –  why they are known as "the 911 of Haiti."

Call and give what you can to keep MAF planes in the air delivering life-saving food, water, medicine, and materials!

The number is 800-778-92-17, or give online at